Provoke a Dialogue about Straight Privilege

Published on May 09, 2019

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Provoke a Dialogue about Straight Privilege

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I do not have to explain my sexuality: books, film, tv and music have already taught people.

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I will not have to calculate the dangers of showing affection to my partner in public.

I don't have to worry about finding a doctor or therapist who will understand my experiences.

If someone is rude to me, I don't have to consider whether or not it is because of my sexual identity.

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I can travel freely never having to worry about the way my sexuality will be regarded in another country.

My behavior does not reflect on people who identity as heterosexual.

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People describe my sexual orientation with a positive connotation (“standing up straight” or “straightened out”).

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I can be honest about my sexual orientation without worrying about how it might concern others.

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I do not need to seek out brands which don't oppress my sexual identity when I shop.

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I don't worry about telling my landlord/employer about my sexuality. It is assumed I am a heterosexual.

I will never be stared at for slow dancing with my partner.

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I know my sexuality will always be mirrored in course material at school.

I will never have to question whether or not to interrupt someone using offensive language connected to my sexuality.

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People will never assume my sexual preferences are connected to abuse or illness.

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When I speak about my heterosexuality no one will accuse me of pushing my agenda onto others.

I can check into a hotel with my partner and not be asked why we are sharing a bed.

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I don't have to defend my existence because others find it false.

I will never be told that my lifestyle is inappropriate for children to learn about.

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