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Project 02: Shift

Published on Nov 02, 2016

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Client: Amina Farouk

Amina is single mother who moved from New York City to Dallas with her 8 year old daughter Imani

Her mother is a housewife while her dad owns a local taxi cab business

Her five brothers dropped out of high school and now work under their father's taxi cab business

Amina went to Syracuse University and majored in aerospace engineering

She now works as a pilot for American Airlines

Amina recently gained full custody of Imani after divorcing her ex-husband who was an abusive businessman

Amina received half of her ex-husband's fortune and moved to Dallas

Due to the abuse she endured, the client developed claustrophobia

Amina likes to scuba dive, hike and box in her free time

She usually likes to work out 5 times a week