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Professional Online Identity

Published on Mar 21, 2018

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Professional Online Identity

What is it, where is it,  and why does it matter?

who/where am I?

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where are you online?

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how often are you online?

why your online presence matters

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Google yourself

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blurring of identity

mapping your online presence

are you a digital resident or visitor? 

"they" know where you are

Social Media Screening

what do you think employers are looking for?

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What employers are looking for

  • Information that supports their qualifications for the job (58%)
  • If the candidate has a professional online persona (50%)
  • What other people are posting about the candidate (34%)

Dangers signs

  • provocative or inappropriate photos, videos or information (40%)
  • info about drinking/using drugs (36%)
  • discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion, etc. (31%)
  • links to criminal behaviour (30%)
  • lied about qualifications (27%)
  • screen name unprofessional: (22%)

Positive signs

  • Creativity (34%)
  • Candidate was well-rounded (31%
  • could see a good fit within the company culture (31%)
  • Candidate had interacted with company's social media accounts (22%)
  • Candidate posted compelling video or other content (21%

my online identity

My professional online identity

  • Blog - 13 years, 573 posts, 254,803 words
  • Twitter - 12 years, over 4,000 followers. 44.9k tweets
  • Linkedin - 11 years,831 connections
  • Instagram - 2,475 posts, 224 followers
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