Productivity is human

Published on Jun 28, 2016

The future of work can be described as a dystopian nightmare or a eutopian dream where the machines do everything and we do nothing.

But there is another way, being productive isn’t just automation and some of the organisations that are really flying, that are really changing our world, that are really purposefully productive are the ones that are challenging the traditional way of getting work done and are embracing our most human characteristics. These are the organisations that are harnessing our human vulnerability, our compassion and warmth, our need for purpose, connections and society. These organisations are lean, they learn, they are democratic and these organisations Trust. They trust their people to be human, to take risks, to make mistakes, to fail and to be brilliant with them.


Kev Wyke - Founder - Leap Further

Productivity is Human

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The world of work is changing

are the robots taking over?
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Eutopia or Dystopia?

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Your next Taxi?

Park my car

Room Service


increase global productivity by 50% by 2025
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take 50% of your jobs in 20 year
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Technological Singularity

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Productivity is profit?

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Profit is to business as oxygen is to life

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Human organisations


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The Alternative University


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More Human

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