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Prevention Tech: Part II

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Prevention Tech Part II

Reducing Risky Behavior
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Risky Behaviors Among Adolescents

  • Behaviors that contribute to injury/violence
  • Drug use
  • Unprotected sex --> unintended pregnancy, STD

Behaviors Leading to Self-other INjury

  • Via car crash, speeding, texting, DUI, no seat belt
  • Drug abuse, overdose
  • Dating violence, leads to more risky behavior...
  • Bullying/gang-related behavior

Risky Behaviors among Adults

  • Alcohol Use
  • Driving (80+yrs, 3-5x greater risk of death than 20yos)
  • Unprotected Sex

Older adults & unsafe Sex

  • Less likely to be tested for STDs & HIV
  • Less likely to believe condoms prevent infection
  • Care for herpes more frequent than young adults

Bull et al 2009

  • Purpose - Can 18-24y change unprotected sex acts?
  • Method - online & clinic enrollment, 1 session 
  • Results - slight increase in "PPAs" in online only 
  • Conclusions - Need > 1 session. What else?


  • Prevention strategies are needed across the lifespan
  • Risky behaviors are similar across age groups
  • Strategies may need to be tailored
  • Technology may help, given adequate dose
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