Press Release Template

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Simple, beautiful, flexible press release template to add visual interest to announcements. Ideas: embed in blog or website, post to social media channels, email to key contacts.


Press Release Template

Created with Haiku Deck
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Keyword-rich subheader
Haiku Deck's minimal format encourages concise, bold headlines.

You can import your own company or product image ( or use the integrated Creative Commons image search for a more visually engaging, metaphorical approach (More about that here:

Short summary of the news.

Think of this as your one-sentence summary; your elevator pitch.

You can always add more detail (including links) here, in the Notes:
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"Quote from the founder explaining why this matters."

Again, you can either include a picture of your founder or use the image search.

Helpful tips for finding powerful images here:


  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3
What are 3-5 compelling details, features, or benefits? You can highlight them here.

More about creating Haiku Deck lists here:
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Additional Detail
Another great place to use the Creative Commons image search:
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Here's a simple way to show trends or data in polished visual format.

Click the + to add more data points.

More on creating charts and graphs:

"Compelling customer quote to demonstrate usefulness and impact."

Multiline slides like this one are quite useful for including a quote -- but we recommend using them sparingly and keeping them concise, to hold your audience's attention more effectively.


Here's an example of a Haiku Deck stat chart, a quick way to create a simple infographic.

You can highlight whatever stats and figures are most relevant to your news.

More about Haiku Deck charts and graphs here:


Strong, memorable closer
You could also use a multiline slide layout here, but this is your opportunity to reinforce the takeaway in a memorable way.

To use a company image or logo, some helpful tips here:
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Where and how to find out more
You can end with your contact information, website, etc. -- and include more detail in the Notes if needed.

More about Haiku Deck Notes:

Have a great example of a Haiku Deck press release? Be sure to share it with us at!
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