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Published on Nov 20, 2015

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Preparing your home

For sale and for showings


A great way to bring walls and front door a fresh look
Photo by marie-ll

Clean, clean, clean

Declutter, depersonalize

Doing so makes it easier for buyers to imagine it as theirs
Photo by timcowlishaw

Much better!

Organize closets

Buyers look! Show off your storage by purging and organizing.
Photo by LizMarie_AK

Stage your home

Remove some items. Update what you can.

Lights on, drapes open

Photo by athomenetwork

Keep lawn and landscape trimmed

Nothing says neglect like an unkept lawn
Photo by Jez Page

Pets secured or with you

If your dog is a barker, best to take with you
Photo by jesse.millan

Leave during showings

Buyers need unpressured time to explore the property
Photo by nataliej

All this is designed to

Make your property stand out

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