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Pom Pom Blaster

Published on Nov 18, 2015

This presentation explains the rules and steps of using the engineering design process to guide students in building a pom pom shooter, testing their design, and fixing it as needed.



Who can blast a pom pom the farthest?
Photo by wenabell

Pom Pom Blaster

  • Invent a machine in your mind that shoots a pom pom.
  • Think of other devices that can launch things into the air.
  • Is yours going to be hand held or sit on the table?

Pom Pom Blaster Rules:

  • You may use any of the items in your bag. You will not get replacements.
  • You may use scissors.
  • There is an unlimited amount of staples you can use, but the staplers stay up front.


  • Create a goal and list of criteria.
  • Use a whiteboard to plan a few designs and create final plan.
  • Use the available materials to build your design.
  • Test design and fix issues.
Photo by ihorner