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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Well mama
I know your life's been rough
You've had you's ups and downs
But then again so have I.

But we's kept on movins
I've had hard times along the way
I've been through dark times
But I's kept on movins.

There's been light along the way
Wes had our good times
As I've gone I've noticed that it gets easier
So I've decided I won't stop

I'll keep on climbin

The "Son to Mother" poem uses two very important devices. It has a very low diction to it from the words like "we's", "i's" and "you's". It also has the device of metaphor. When the author says "I'll keep on climbin" it is a metaphor comparing a mountain to life. These add a sense of feeling and imagery to the poem. You can almost see the person talking and feel like you are there.


Live your life like a cheetah.
Always runinng, pouncing and killing.
He lives fast, never stopping, not
even for a rest.
He never stops, just like the human heart.

Boom! beast goes 70 mph
and kills for his meals.
I ask him why he never
stops, will you ever take a
break? We never stop
he replies, for if we do
We could imss th eperfect
chance for a meal. We
never stop, for if we do
we might die alone and bored.

The "Lesson of the Cheetah" poem has two poetic devices that stand out the most. It has a simile, "he never stops, just like the human heart.". And it has onomatopoeia, "Boom!". The onomatopoeia adds a sense of feeling to the poem and the simile is used for comparing how the cheetah never stops to how the heart doesn't either. These add more meaning to the poem.


What did I do?
Why am I in jail?
Is it illegal to walk to a street corner?
I know that I'm not guilty.
So why do I stay behind bars
like a caged animal all day?
Every night is quite scary, with all the screams and cries.
Sniffle, Sniffle, I know that if I cry softly they won't hear.
But every night I stay here adds a thousand fears.
I don't know why everyone thinks I'm guilty?

I just want to leave and join my family. I worry about them day after day, just wanting to be with them. I don't know how long I will be in here, I just hope that the jury knows that
I am not guilty.

The "Steve Poem" has two types of poetic devices, Hyperbole and Repetition. The hyperbole is "but every night I stay in here, adds a thousand fears.". This doesn't really happen but it adds lots of meaning to the poem because we can feel how Steve does. The word "guilty" is repeated lots of times throughout the poem. This could mean that Steve is guilty and he knows it.


Jolly kid.
Also loves to play sports.
Kind and caring all day long.
Energetic over the weekends.

Reliable at all costs.
Understands everything.
Strong mentally.
Stupendous and super fun.
Electrifying and good to be around.
Loving and caring.
Loyal until the end.

Perfect at being a friend.
Respectable and looked up to.
Intelligent in everything.
Caring about everything.
Enthusiastic and happy all day.