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Plant Cell

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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The organelles of a Plant Cell

And how they are like my house...

The cell wall is like the house siding.

The cell wall is a stiff and rigid membrane that supports and protects the cell.

The cell membrane is like my door

The cell membrane controls and regulates what goes in and out of the cell.
Photo by minds-eye

The nucleus is like my parents and I

The nucleus acts as the central storage area for genomic DNA. ( the brain )

No offense to my brothers but they are nothing like the nucleus.

The cytoplasm is like the air in the room

The cytoplasm is a gel like substance that holds the organelles in place
Photo by jaysalikin

Nucleolus is like the freezer that stores meat

The nucleolus makes the parts needed to build a ribosome,they also store the DNA.
Photo by ted_major

Ribosomes are like the grill

They make Proteins for the cell
Photo by danmachold

Lysomes are like the garbage disposal, they are membrane bound organelles

containing enzymes that can break down all four types of macromolecules.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the hallways

It transports proteins and other materials made by Ribosomes
Photo by bvi4092

The Golgi body is like a mailbox

It packages and modifies the secretion of proteins made in the cell

The peroxisome is like the power outlets in the house

They contain many different enzymes used to produce energy
Photo by jnyemb

Mitochondria is like the furnace

It is like the powerhouse of the cell
Photo by meironke

Chloroplast is like any plants in the house contain chlorophyll, a green colored

molecule that uses energy from the sun to turn water and Co2 into sugar and oxygen.
Photo by mohammadali

The vacuole is like my well

It is a large fluid filled space inside the plant cell. Animal vacuoles are much smaller.
Photo by @Doug88888