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Personal Narrative

Published on Nov 21, 2015

Teaching Personal Narratives


Personal Narrative

Teaching Genre Writing to 2nd Graders
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All About You

you are the star of this story


Describe a picture of an event in your life


Tell us where, who, what and why!
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Give emotions to your story

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The Roosters and The Lie

My story to tell
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The Roosters And The Lie

Teacher Models her Writing Personal Narrative

Field Trip

Our story to tell

Shared Writing

We write about our trip to the museum together.


What can you write about?

Ideas for A Story

A Holiday

Ideas for A Story

A Family Vacation

Ideas for A Story

A Birthday

Ask Your Family

Think about a story that you could write


Bring back to school so you can share........

Tell Your Story First

Make it interesting - add detail and emotions
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Tell Your Story Again

Make it better!

Begin to Write

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Watch video to learn about revision.


Watch video to learn about editting.

add Pictures

Helps add more detail for the reader


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