Perfectionist Plus Time Management Style

Published on Jul 31, 2018

Manage Time Your Way! You can master time your way! What you need to know is your own time management personality style, then prioritize, manage and take action according to your time personality preferences.

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Perfectionist Plus

Time Management Styles that make sense

Do you have high standards? kind of unrealistic?

do you find it
hard to prioritize

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Do you work alone

because you're the ONLY one who you can trust...?
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Do you seek
other's approval?

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Do you get stuck on details

and lose track of time?
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Spend too much time

on finishing touches?
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You could have a Perfectionist-Plus
Time Management Style

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Time pressure
may actually
SLOW you down!

Success strategies for Perfectionist Plus Time Management Style Personalities

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Time yourself

with every day tasks to see how long they take, really
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Say No

more often!
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Define Good Enough

then stop working when you get there
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Stop laboring over choices, just pick!

Let Go

You worry too much about too many things
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Set time-based goals

"I'll work for one hour, then break."


If everything is important, nothing is

Get Help From Others

you're not alone
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Discover Your Time Personality Style

Discover Your
Time Personality Style
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