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Peer Feedback Goes Global

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Presenting my course 5 COETAIL Project


Matt McGrady @Mr_McGrady

Middle School Art - ACS Abu Dhabi

American Community School

In Abu Dhabi

Course 5

I can't believe it!

Peer Feedback Goes Global

A COETAIL Final Project

Middle School Art


This is what its all about

Ron Berger

An Ethic of Excellence
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Open up our classroom to the world

-with the hopes of becoming better artists
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Twitter Shout out!

Virtual Conversations about Art

Goals for the project

  • Accept and Give Critical Feedback
  • Have a venue to receive feedback
  • Improve their craft by listening to feedback


  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

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Educator's connecting

via twitter and Hangouts

We used Blogger

Seamless integration
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Moderate comments

The Quad

Organized and Timely

Logical step in the process of getting feedback

Feedback from others like us

Positive Reactions


  • PQP Across the board
  • Connect across a single project
  • Give more freedom for commenting

Goals met

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Safe Environment

Connected Students

Connecting outside our own walls


Photo by Leo Reynolds

Interaction on a global scale

Photo by Marc_Smith

Venue for art based conversations

Photo by Marc Wathieu

Connecting with likeminded educators

A place to build and learn

Global Connections

Allowed because of technology
Photo by MarcelaPalma

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Professional Development

SAMR - Re-definition

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