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Published on Apr 25, 2017

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What are the disadvantages of the methods used?

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Could there be observer bias?

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Is there bi-directional ambiguity?

What are the advantages of the method used?

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Is it useful to society in general?

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Are there any gender biases?

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Is it a correlation or can cause and effect be established?

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Can the definitions or concepts used be criticized?

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Is mundane realism achieved in the task?

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Is it ethical?

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Is it well supported by other evidence?

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Is the sample representative?

Does the study open up debate?

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Is construct validity achieved?

Could there be demand characteristics?

Is the study reliable?

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Are there procedural issues that make replication difficult?

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Is there inter-rater reliability?

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Does it have cross-cultural support?

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Is the study ecologically valid?

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