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part 3 Historical Change

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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Agriculture is the Science of Farming.
Photo by Randy Stiefer

Agriculture in Asia

  • Agricultural land in Central Asia is mostly desert and mountain pastures.
  • By farming Cotton and Wheat, Asian farmers have been able to prosper as a whole.
  • The most important modern development in Asian agriculture has been the introduction of new cereals.
  • Through the advancements in Asian Agriculture, places that had no food source now do because of change


Photo by angela7dreams

Agriculture in Africa

  • Agriculture is Essential to Africa's dry and desert like land
  • Farming has given more than 65% of jobs in Africa.
  • Africa's main crops include, cereals and grains which include; maize, wheat, and rice.
  • The effect of Agriculture was massive, It really brought jobs and hope for the people
  • The Africans have been know to dig paths or cylinder holes to send water to the crops.

North America

Photo by Todd Ryburn

Agriculture in North Amercia

  • The Agriculture here is more advanced then any other place
  • Inventive technologies like the plow, tractor, and dustcropper.
  • Types of foods grown, Vegetables, Tobacco, cotton, wheat.
  • The use of farming, has created jobs and mainly the country.
  • The use and practices give many people foods to eat and to live

South America

Photo by abmiller99


  • The Agriculture here is based on tradition and practice.
  • Many farming techniques have been passed down through the years.
  • South America uses Machines such as tractors, but also uses roof top farming
  • Nomadic tribes used Agriculture to advance and make their settlements what they are today


Agriculture in Europe

  • Farming has a big influence on Europe's landscapes and the quality of its environment.
  • Farmers represent only 4.7% of the European population.
  • rather than machines Europe developed skills and ideas we all use today.
  • Using farming helped develop towns and cities by providing stable food sources.


Photo by quadrapop

Agriculture in Australia

  • Australian economy was seen to be ‘riding on the sheep's back'. Agriculture, especially wool,
  • Australia as a thriving economy with a substantial workforce, because of Agriculture
  • ingenuity and hard work this has led to Australia becoming a leading exporter of fine food, meats and grains.
  • fire-stick farming helped farm even the toughest fields.