Parenting With Technology: A blessing or a virus?

Published on Jun 01, 2016

This slide presentation relates to the changing world of technology and how it impacts parenting strategies.


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Technology has a large impact on the lives that we live, including how we raise our children into this digital world.

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50% of Americans own a device for e-reading. (1)
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Mastery of parents' devices could stunt children's development of deep reading skills. (2)

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Online Monitoring

61% of parents monitor their children online... (3)
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... and 35% know at least one of their children's social media passwords. (3)

Open profile information may become uninformative in the eyes of parents...

Photo by solsken they find themselves "...sucked far deeper into monitoring than you ever intended to go." Matthew Ingram (4)

Three quarters of children aged 10-12 years have social media despite the age limits. (5)

Parents now access the kind of information that used to be left unsaid... now nothing is left untyped.

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"All the boundaries have broken down... when their mothers are reading, it's too much information." Sandra Tsing Loh (6)

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Online Posting

81% of children worldwide have online presence before 2. (7)
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Facebook the new worldwide 'brag book'?

Children say they don't want their parents posting about them on social media without their approval first. (8)

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"As these children come of age, they're going to be seeing the digital footprint left in their childhood's wake." Stacey Steinberg (8)

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Parenting Priorities

Values and priorities must be taught at a young age.
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"Your ability to focus on what's important is absolutely fundamental to the life you want to live." Alex Soojung (9)

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On average, children receive their first cellphone at 6 years old. (10)

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A 2.8 second interruption doubles mistakes made. (11)
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What happens when the task at hand is parenting?

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Parenting WithOUT Technology: A blessing ~

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