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paradise spa

Published on Feb 09, 2024

I was late for work and got ripped by my boss, and my car is toast. happy fuckin birthday. I sit there channel surfing, thinking about taking a bath and drinking the last of my tequila rose, when the phone rings. I grab it on the third ring," Hi, whats up?" I answer. " Hey, baby, get ready I'll be there in twenty minutes and pack a bag for the weekend" It's my man, he remembered my birthday. " I'll be ready" I reply. I hang up and head for the bathroom , I turn on the shower and rush back to my room stripping off my clothes as I go. I pack a bag quickly, grabbing cloths at random and stuffing them in my bag. I step in the shower and realize I left my bra on, shit, I hear a low manly laugh and see my mans reflection in the mirror, " I know I told you to hurry but if you need to wash some clothes we can wait," " Very funny" I toss my soaked bra at his smug grin and turn around to get my shampoo. I feel his hands sliding up my sides and over my breasts, " let me help you" he whispers . I step back and feel his hairy chest against my back and his hard cock against my ass. " If your helping, This is going to be a long shower" " Thats ok, we've got time for this", he answers, running his hands over my wet body making me shiver. I lean against his chest and rub my ass against his hard cock," So what did you get me for my birthday?" He pushs me forward so that my hands are on the wall of the shower, the hot water flowing down my back and dripping off my pussy is drivng me crazy. He kneels down behind me I can feel his breath on the backs of my thighs I turn to watch but the steam has made it hard to see and he is just a dim shape, I arch my back as I feel his tongue sliding slowly up the inside of my leg, He licks higher and higher stopping just before his tongue reachs my aching pussy, I try to move so his tongue touchs me but he pulls away and laughs, " Wait, baby just wait" He starts again up the other leg, my pussy is flowing now and I know he must be tasting me at least a little. He reachs the top of my inner thigh and bites softly, I can feel his breath on my clit, " What do you want " He asks . Its a game we play sometimes to release ourselfs and just go wild, I don't want to play now I want his tongue inside me , I want to turn around and ride his face until I cover his chin with my cum, I answer him," eat me " He licks me once, quickly making me gasp and jump alittle " You didn't say please" " Please, " I almost scream, " Please eat me bury you tongue inside me " I don't have time to continue with my pleading, he leans foward and licks me hard and fast his tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy, He slides his finger in and sucks hard on my clit, flipping his tongue over it, He starts fucking me with his finger then adds another one, My legs are shaking and I feel an orgasm building fast , My pussy is twitching around his fingers Im so close now, He growls against my pussy, and I break hard, I throw my head back and scream. He grabs my legs to keep me from falling and keeps licking me, not satisfied until he gets everything I have to give. When I finally calm down enough, I realise several things at once, one of which is that the water is completely cold and another that the floor is soaked, not that I really care. I turn and kiss my man hard tasting myself on his lips and tongue. " Feeling better now baby,' he asks. " Yes, much better" I answer. " Good, get dressed and we'll go" I hurry and dress,planning my retaliation at the soonest possablity. We get in the car and start driving, were are we going i ask again . You;ll find out soon enough he answers, how long tell we get there i ask a couple of hours, he replies. I lean over and rub his dick just for something to do, he starts to get hard so i decide to get alittle revenge. I move back into my own seat and take my shirt off, he looks at me and smiles,what are you up to? Just gettin comfortable, I answer dropping my shirt on the floor and rubbing my palms over my nipples to make them hard. I slide my hand into my shorts and rub my clit, I tip my head back and moan softly, He reachs over to tease my nipple but I tell him to keep his hands to himself, I slide my shorts off and slip my fingers into my pussy, then into my mouth ,he groans softly watching me, "give me some of that" He's completely hard now, I can smell my wet pussy and I know he can to. I slide two fingers deep in my pussy then offer them to him. He sucks my juices off my fingers with a deep moan. I lean down and take his hard cock out of his jeans. His cock is rock hard and leaking sweet precum, I slide my tongue around the head tasting his cum. It made me hungry for more I got on my knees on my seat and kept my fingers in my pussy while I sucked his hard cock deep in my mouth. He arched hard sliding his cock deeper in my mouth. I came an my fingers and moaned around his cock, He groaned and came in my mouth, I swallowed his cum and licked his cock clean. He smiled at me and said, " get dressed we almost there. I dressed again and smoked a cigerrette . Then I saw a sign that said Blue Paradise Hotel and Spa, in neon blue and beneath it a sign in neon pink that said for lovers and others. The place was hugh It was five stories high and at least a football feild long probably more . It was competely secluded with nothing but trees for miles around. We parked the car and walked to the door, I looked around as we walked and saw two outdoor pools, a tennis court and a nine hole golf course. There was a building farther down that looked like a stable. We walked through the front door and intto another world, the main entrance looked like something out of a movie with a hugh gold chandalier and velvet couches everywhere . A well dressed man walked towards us, " Welcome to paradise, my name is Tony and I'll be your host for your stay, anything or anyone you need just ask" anyone I thought how 'bout you, I looked tony over , He had to be about 6ft tall and had deep blue eyes and black hair and best of all a goatee, and I'm a sucker for goatees , my man just looked at me and grinned, he knew what I was thinking, judgeing from the bulge in Tonys pants he did to. This is going to be a hell of a weekend !

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