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PAC Resources: Ethics, Training & Staffing

Published on Apr 30, 2016

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PAC Resources: Ethics, Training & Staffing

By: Kristin Clark
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SWOT Analysis


  • Trudeau brought positive HR initiatives to the organization
  • PAC encourages employees to attend training seminars, and tuition reimbursement is available for college-level courses
  • Aggressively trained management employees with particular emphasis on skills for first-line supervisors


  • Previous poor management has created bad morale
  • Favoritism
  • Policies and bonus plans uneven across the board
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  • “communities of practice,” where individuals meet to problem solve and exchange ideas
  • An idea blog 
where staff share information about their successes and failures on various projects
  • Departing employees are encouraged to talk informally about their career at PAC


  • relationship between managers and HR is tense
  • Low employee retention and general unhappiness
  • Hiring freeze could be detrimental to productivity
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Code of Ethics

"Creating an environment of integrity, fairness and respect every day."
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Changes in Human Resources and Management

  • open door policy
  • open ears through listening to employees and their opinions
  • more consistency in policy
  • creating an environment that is ethical, reducing law suits


  • cross training employees across different depts.
  • develop skills
  • place employees where they are most effective and leave the biggest impact
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  • employee survey to measure what employees expect and would like to see at PAC Resources
  • Severance pay to older employees nearing retirement
  • budget cuts on extra benefits to prevent further labor cuts
  • scheduling staff based on workload to prevent unneeded labor costs
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Staffing Contd.

  • Reprimand employees when policies are broken
  • reduce/eliminate bonuses for time being
  • Maintain Tuition Reimbursement (with limits), to encourage continued devepment


  • Gusdorf, M. (2011). PAC Resources, Inc.: A Case Study in HR Practices (K. Scanlan, Ed.).
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