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One Page Business Plan

Published on Mar 17, 2016

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One Page Business Plan


Whether you're a startup founder or small business owner, there is one question often asked.

Do you have a business plan?

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Plans are a good idea. But there are a thousand urgent things to do.

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Business plans are important, but not urgent.

Even if you can carve out time, business plans run 30-40 pages.

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Few owners have time to create or maintain.

Plans serve as guides and tracking tools.

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But they often sit on a shelf until reviewed again a year later.

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To overcome this hurdle, companies have adopted one page business plans.

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The One Page Business Plan

It boils down the very essence into a scannable and trackable piece.

It addresses key factors that leaders need to keep top of mind.

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It also serves as a communication tool with your team.

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The name "One Page Business Plan" can seem a bit deceptive.

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It takes work.

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It takes the same amount of prep work as a 30-40 page plan.

The difference is that all that planning is compacted into a consumable document.

The most important thing: Make your plan accessible.

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Make it accessible so that strategies and objectives are clear to everyone.

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By distilling to one page, you increase completion and accountability.

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Clarity of purpose gets everyone on the same page... literally.

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If you need a blueprint on how to write one, check out Jim Horan's book.

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There are YouTube videos and templates that can guide you too.

Whether just starting out, or already launched and growing, a one page business plan is invaluable.

It shapes your thinking and helps you share with employees and other stakeholders.

Use it to communicate your vision and your path to success.