Offering on real estate

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The Top 5 steps to having the best offer submitted on a home for sale


Offering on real estate

Can your odds be improved?

Increase the odds

with a "complete" offer

making it the best

in 5 easy steps

Offering price with verification

  • If you are going to "offer lower", include verification
  • Recent sold comparables should be sent to sellers agent
  • They want to sell the property too!
  • It maybe just a case of needing a "second opinion"
  • Ask your Realtor what they think?

Complete offers only

  • Send everything to the agent the first go around
  • Total documentation, offer, financials, deposit check
  • Top Producing listing agents - no time to assemble emails
  • If a Hot Property, your offer will be put to the side
  • Only Completely built offers will make it to the Sellers Table
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  • Photos of you and your family
  • A letter about how much you like the home
  • Future plans of growth with the home
  • Maybe make a simple video or audio recording
  • Ask your Realtor what they think - It works in our market!


  • Make sure your Realtor delivers it in the way intended
  • Maybe by FAX, Email, Office Fax, snail mail?
  • Hand Delivery directly to the Listing Agent is HUGE
  • However, it's not very popular - but it is very effective
  • Ask your Realtor is they'd consider "personal delivery"
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follow up

  • Did you receive my clients offer?
  • Do you have any questions about my clients offer?
  • When can my client expect a response from your seller?
  • When are you reviewing our offer with your seller?
  • Do you have any others offers at the present time?

Counter offer received

  • This is good news
  • Most offers receive a counter, even if at full listing price!
  • The counter could be about "terms or price"
  • The counter could be reference there being "multiple" offers
  • If you have been countered - that's a win for you!


You are now home owners

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