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Ockham's Razor

Published on May 02, 2016

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Ockham's Razor

By: Gabrel Jurado
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This theory was founded by the medieval philosopher William of Ockham

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William of Ockham studied theology at the University of Oxford from 1309 to 1321.

Ockham's Razor simply states that "What can be done with fewer (terms) is done in vain with more."

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If there are two competing theories, both of which account for all of the observable data, the simpler of the two is the preferable theory.

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With Ockham's Razor, it could have been said "Pick the simpler of the two theories."

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This theory was accepted by many of the philosophers of the fourteenth century.

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A more simplistic way to put it, would be "Do not multiply entities beyond necessity."

Ockham's Razor helped many of the abstract theories become something more realistic, and plausible.

Hope you enjoyed!

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