Nurture Gratitude

Published on Feb 10, 2016

Gratitude is an essential part of creating a culture of mindfulness and appreciation within the workplace. Understanding the importance of each customer is tied to engaging actively with gratitude.



Will Rocket Your Business Forward


Putting The Customer First Equals

Is Not Indebtedness

Embracing Gratitude is an daily process of apreciation
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Create A Gratitude Work Journal

Each Day Jot Down Work Experiences
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Create a List of Things

Add To Your Gratitude List Daily

Compliment Co-workers

Positive Recognition of Each Other Builds Trust

Communicate Gratitude
3 days after a purchase send customers an email, saying only Thank You for being a new customers.

Three Cheers

One Day A Month to Celebrate Customer Gratitude
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Build Skills

Encourage Group Nature Gratitude Outings  
Spending time as a group walking, hiking, camping or playing games helps employees to appreciate each other on a more human level which leads to less friction and more collaboration and co-worker gratitude.

Embrace Challenges

Give Employees Room To Grow Their Gratitude 

Grow Gratitude

Your Customers + Employees Will Thank You

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