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Who are the main characters in the story? Describe them briefly.

James,James is a kid agent that works for CHERUB a secret service.James is the kind of kid that doesn't really take things seriously because the text said that he had skipped the last four weeks of fitness so he could watch DVD marathons.James is also okay with getting into trouble because in the text he didn't care when e got detention because one of his ways to get close to Junior Moore was to shoplift some games that Junior Moore wanted.

Choose one character and explain how important they are to the story – how do they affect the plot? This might be based on choices they make or relationships that they have

James,James is very important to the story because he is one of the kids for CHERUB that is trying to help the police stop the KMG(Keith Moore's Gang) from selling people anymore drugs.James target to make friends with was one of Keith Moore's children,Keith Moore James target but everyone calls him Junior.One thing James did to make them closer was help him steal some video games he wanted but they almost got caught but it was worth it.

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Choose two characters to study in-depth and make up character inference maps about them, using examples from the text.


Mischievous:James is Mischievous because everyday that he has gone to school they have skip class and gone to the mall or watch a movie at the cinemas.On the first day James and Junior met James had to make there friendship even stronger so he helped Junior rob a video game store to get Junior some of the games that he wanted.

Confused:James is confused because he still doesn't know whether he likes Kerry,Nicole or April because he has liked Kerry for ages but when he kissed Nicole he liked her more till he found out that she was dating Junior.Than he kissed April in the cinemas while Nicole and Junior were making out.

Negative:James is always negative because in the text Kerry,James and Lauren who is his actual sister break into a Microwave food factory which Kerry thinks will help them get more information about the cocaine deliveries.But while they are looking around James the whole time is saying there are not gonna find anything that is gonna help them and that they should just leave.

Keith Moore

Smart:Keith Moore is smart because in the text when he talks to his customers he uses numbers and secret words so the cops or FBI or anyone that is listen don't understand what he is saying so they can't track him down and arrest him and destroy his business.

Cautious:Keith Moore is cautious about who he is friends with because he doesn't want his business to be exposed to just anyone because lots of his delivery boys and his close companions in the text have been arrested so he has been very cautious about who comes in his house.

Friendly:When Keith Moore thinks you can be trusted he can be the nicest and coolest person ever.When they needed to repay the damage for Joes car which they burnt,Keith Moore payed all the damages for them.When James went to Keith Moores house because he is friends with Junior and April Keith Moore invited James to come with them to Miami.

Do any of the characters change? Choose one and describe in what way they change, giving evidence

Kerry and Nicole's relationship changes because when Nicole snorted Cocaine and Zara (Fake mum) found out and Nicole had to be sent back,when Kerry found out that James didn't try to stop her Nicole butted in and Kerry and Nicole had a giant argument right before Nicole was about to be sent back to Campus.

Choose a character and describe two choices they make? Were they good choices? Should they have done something else? Evaluate

James,he made a good choice when Bruce and Kerry had a fight he went and got help from another older classmate,he also made a bad choice when he didn't choose to take his fitness seriously and he ended up having to run laps everyday for a month.



What is the story about? Briefly summarise

The plot is a group of kids named James,Kyle,Nicole and Kerry who are part of a special agent group called CHERUB that have to stop Keith Moore who is one of the biggest European Cocaine dealers in America from selling any more Cocaine to anyone.the police aren't able to do what the CHERUB kids can do,They also have to stop the kids that Keith Moore has hired to deliver the cocaine for him when they joined his boxing gym.

Plot line -->

Assigned to Cocaine Mission
Makes friends with Junior
Joins Cocaine delivery business
Earns Keith Moore's trust
Keith Moore invites James to Miami aka Heart of drug dealing business
James get information from Miami
KMG is taken down

Throughout the novel choose 3 points and try to predict what will happen next as an inference. Make sure you include why you think that. If you have already read the book then explain how it could have been predicted.

.I think that when they broke into the Thunder foods warehouse they were gonna find nothing that was gonna help them to stop Keith Moore the biggest and most successful Cocaine Dealer.

.I think that James is gonna have traces of Drugs in his pee because he almost snorted up Cocaine and if they find a Class A drug in your pee you are expelled from CHERUB and will be given to a foster to home to find new parents because kids at CHERUB don't have parents.

.I think that when James takes the Computer hacking test so he is able to get info nation when he goes to Miami he is going to fail it because James personality doesn't really fit working with computers plus he doesn't usually concentrate when he is actually learning how to do it.

How might the story have ended differently?

I think the story could have ended differently by Keith Moore not being the actual leader of the KMG so the actual leader can't be tracked down and be arrested so Keith Moore is pretty much a decoy for the actual leader or it could all just be another practise mission to see if he can handle the actual mission so that means the Author might have to write a sequel on the first book.



Where does the story take place – describe

The story takes place in a neighbourhood called the Thornton Estate where Keith Moore and his 4 children live.The setting is the kind of place where kids learn to find and where a lot of drug use happens because kids have knifes and are able to kill other people if they needed to.

Does the setting affect the story? Would the story be different if it was set somewhere else? How? What is important about the setting to the story?

The setting is very important because they live in a place where there is a lot of drug use and fights and violence,The story would definitely be different because if it was in a more safer place,there wouldn't be that much drug use and fights and violence.



What emotions does the main character feel –give at least two examples from the novel

James feels Uncomfortable because he only just found out that one of his friends on the mission Kyle is gay and that he feels uncomfortable hanging around him now.He also feels confused because he doesn't know if he likes Nicole of Kerry.

Choose two emotions that you feel during the story and describe what happens in the story and why eg. what was the saddest part and why?

I think that the craziest and coolest part of the story was when Bruce and Kerry got in a fight and the only reason there was a fight was because when James and Bruce failed the test mission Kerry and Gabrielle kept teasing them until Bruce couldn't take it and acted out.The fight ended with Bruce getting into huge trouble and Kerry's knee needing surgery.

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What themes/ messages does the author use in the story eg. loyalty, friendship, don’t tell lies etc. Give examples

.Don't do drugs because it can destroy friendships

.Friends will be there for you in tough situations

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What are some of the vocabulary that the author uses to help you hear and see the story? Choose some examples


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