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You may appear organized to others but if you don't know what you have and can't find anything, Nothing Out's feel disorganized, overwhelmed and ineffective.

Nothing Out Organizing Personality Style

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A Nothing Out...

...prefers clear surfaces and no clutter
You may appear organized to others but if you don't know what you have and can't find anything, Nothing Out's feel disorganized, overwhelmed and ineffective.
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Are you a 'Nothing Out' Organizer?
We all have natural behaviors regarding the use of time and how we organize the spaces we inhabit.

Do you prefer clear surfaces...

that look organized and uncluttered?
Although a #Nothing Out organizing personality likes clear surfaces and clean spaces, they sometimes feel very disorganized.
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Do you know you have it?

But can't remember where you stashed it?
In their efforts to tidy, Nothing Outs will do anything to make their environment 'look' organized. But, without systems, they can 'feel' like a total mess!
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Do You Dash & Stash?

Especially before company comes...
In their effort to tidy (especially for surprise company), Nothing Out's tend to dash around and stash stray items away - ANYWHERE they can find an open space. If this becomes a pattern, it can lead to disorganized spaces!
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Do items get lost?

(Especially after you've put them away)
Just because it looks tidy, doesn't mean it's organized. Organized is defined as
1. knowing what you have
2. having what you need
3. knowing where to find items
4. finding things when you need them
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Does clutter hide inside?

Do you struggle with clutter behind the scenes...
Open your cupboards, cabinets and drawers.... what's inside? If you have cluttered hiding and storage spaces, you may feel disorganized and not look it.
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Maybe you are a
Nothing Out Personality

Nothing Out's believe that 'a clear surface is an organized life'! but, if they put items away in haste, they may forget where it is when it's needed again quickly. When too many things are stashed away with no systems it can become overwhelming...
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Looking good...
but still struggling to feel organized?

If you feel disorganized and harried, but look tidy and put together... it's time to dig deeper. You might be a #Nothing Out personality.
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If you're a 'Dash & Stasher'
Try these ideas...

There are prescriptive approaches that always help #Nothing Out's get organized.
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Sort to Organize

By color, type, size or category...
Create a basic sorting system for incoming paperwork (and everything else) that comes into your space. Sorting (and purging) items as they come in helps you master your space rather than disorganized stashes mastering you.
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Choose Storage That Conceals

Label Everything!! Inside spaces too!
Clear surfaces sing and clutter is 'noise' to #Nothing Out's so find storage items that you love, match your style yet are functional conceal things from view!
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Buy A Label Maker

You'll thank me as soon as you open it
Buy a label maker (and don't forget the batteries!)
This one purchase may actually change your life!

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Label Everything

To Know What You Have Tucked Away
Sometimes #Nothing Out personalities think even labels are clutter. BUT if you can't find what you have, your system won't work! Label items to see and instantly know exactly what's stored inside.

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Organize What's Out of Sight...

Rx = Containers & Labels Help Alot
Although you may look organized, the way to feel organized is when you can find it when you need it. So set up systems 'behind the scenes' by labeling storage areas behind closed doors.

Organize By Function

So everything has a place to call home.
Create a basic sorting system that organizes things functionally. This means that you'll need to store items closest to where they will be most used.
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Keep Like Items Together

This helps you remember...
One of the oldest organizing mottos is 'like with like'. In other words, categorize and store items that go together... together! (This 'chunking' helps you remember where things are.)

Use Drawer Dividers

So everything has a place to call home..
Even your junk deserves a home. Drawer dividers work really well to assign items an address. And, don't forget to put things back when you use them. You don't want a bunch of homeless items floating around before company comes!
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Homemade Works Too!

Separate and Conquer...
Dividers can be created out of just about anything. I've used shoe boxes, to food storage containers to packaging pieces. Anything you use to create a basic sorting system for behind-the-scenes storage will enhance your feeling of being organized rather than disorganization mastering you.
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Use Labels Everywhere

Categorize by color, type, size or usefulness...
Oh yes, if I haven't said it enough - Label everything. So many #Nothing Out's fight this one simple technique - and it always works!

Embrace your style to create a more pleasing
life experience. #flow

Once you identify your space preference – are you an Everything Out™, Nothing Out™, Minimalist™, Saver™, Straightener™, or No Rules™ Style Preference, any change starts with self acceptance. Once there, you can begin to take steps to integrate more Flow Steps into your experience.

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to resolve tension
and restore freedom
regardless of your personality preferenes

Flow Steps help you resolve your tension both in the dimensions of time and space. When you know what your natural preferences are, you can begin to take style-specific steps to integrate more Flow into your experience.

Arrange Space
the way you like it

The Time & Space Style Inventory™ (TSSI™) evaluates your style preference and how you arrange space... So you can arrange, display or conceal items, as you like.
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Understand what your clutter is saying...

The Time & Space Style Inventory™ (TSSI™) provides a scored report for you unique style mix. It helps you understand your clutter and work with, instead of against yourself.

Determine what items are most important to you

Your scored report gives you suggestions to help you work with preferences to help you evaluate and prioritize items. This helps you take steps to declutter.
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Enhance Workflow & Manage Your Experience

By learning about your preferences, you can make the most of your style to increase flow in your life. Knowing more about yourself helps you successfully manage your inner experience.

Embrace YOUR
Unique Style Personality (Your Flow Formula)

EMBRACE your natural personality style!
Make it work for you – take the Time & Space Style Inventory™

Be Yourself!

Be organized, timely & productive!
When you know what makes you tick, you can free yourself from the chains of disorganization and inefficiency... and finally make time for your life!
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Enjoy Your Life!

Life is like a box of chocolates... Isn't it time you really started to enjoy it?
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For Professionals Too

If you're a pro... use it with clients
The Time & Space Style Inventory™ (TSSI™) evaluates your style preferences to successfully manage your time and organize your space.

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