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Notations on Nonprofits Resources

Published on Nov 20, 2015

Quick run through of all the nonprofit resources on the blog.


Notations on Nonprofits Resources

Quick Guide For Newbies and Nonprofit Ninjas
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We've done a few events that brought new friends to the website and wanted to highlight some of the cool resources we have.

To kick things off.....

...One of the most popular resources are our templates

We also highlight other great resources

Just click "Resource" in the menu or type "resources' in the search box

And we put on webinars from time to time...

other goodies?

We highlight recent events, upcoming education, trending topics...
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And include cool reference graphics in our posts

like infographics and interactive posts

we're talking about all of it

How to start, run and maximize the impact of nonprofits
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..and doing so without all the legal mumbo jumbo

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