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News Events

Published on Nov 20, 2015

Research and best practices for hosting news events


News Events

Josh Stearns, Dodge Foundation, @jcstearns
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Journalism has long brought us together through shared rituals – reading the morning paper, watching the evening news, etc – but as people find the news on more platforms, on their own schedules, those rituals have diminished in importance.

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What hasn’t changed, however, is the potential role of local news organizations to build community around the news.

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Making it Work

  • MinnPost made $160K
  • The Times-Free Press made "seven figures"
  • The Texas Tribune brought in $1.2 million
  • Atlantic Media makes 20% of their revenue
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Types of Events

  • Industry - GigaOm, Recode
  • Ideas - Atlantic, Texas Trib
  • Political - NJ Spotlight, TT
  • Social - WNYC, Geekwire, Politico
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Types of Events

  • Lifestyle - Times Free Press
  • Culture - Morristown, WBEZ
  • Gala/Awards - Technically, MinnPost
  • Education/Training - NYT, Brick City Live
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Find a Gap

Plan Early

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Events Are Journalism

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Multiple Revenue Streams

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Be Transparent

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  • If you build it will they come?
  • What is your online game plan?
  • Should you capture video/audio?
  • Start small or go big?
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What is stopping you?

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