Neuroscience of fertility support programme Week 1

Published on May 30, 2017

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Neuroscience of fertility support programme

Week 1

What to expect from course

1. Weekly seminars

2. Q + A sessions

What to expect from course

3. Make sure you ask for help. Email in your questions.

4. Support group - Facebook group

Overview of the programme

Tools for life:

1. Train your mind so it’s easy for you to get back into a state of peace whenever you want.

Tools for life:

2. Greatly reduce stress in your life and the effect it has on your body.

Tools for life:

3. Get neuroscience on your side so you get your hormones working for you.

Tools for life:

4. Leverage your time so you get more done with less effort.

Tools for life:

5. Reconnect with your partner so it feels like you're both on the same side and supporting each other.

Tools for life:

6. Learn how to build a support network so you feel supported and nurtured.

Tools for life:

7. Learn the simple steps to greatly increase your energy and vitality.

Tools for life:

8. Double your chance of falling pregnant.

Session 1

Train your mind so it’s easy for you to get back into a state of peace whenever you want.

Let’s put fertility to one side

“Stop thinking” isn’t working.

Reticular Activating System

Let’s get total clarity on what causes stress

It's not your situation

It's your thoughts about the situation

Example: A friend doesn’t show up to meet you.

Story: They let me down. They don’t respect me.

Data: I was there. They were not.

You have no idea why they didn’t turn up.

The reason this situation doesn’t feel good is because of the thoughts we have about the situation.

This is where the real leverage happens

Your assignment for this week

Get in the habit of noticing your thoughts

You don’t need to stop them.

Just by noticing them they will start to have less power over you.

Common thought patterns that create stress & unhappiness:

"Am I doing this right?"

"How could he be so insensitive?"

Common thought patterns:

"If I don't get 8 hours sleep every night will my fertility be affected?."

"If I do X, I will upset him/her"

Write out the most common thoughts that are causing stress and unhappiness in your life.

The more specific the better.

When you don't believe every thought that comes into your mind, your life changes.

Stressful situations don’t have the same impact.

More energy, more peace, more enjoyment of life.

Start with the end in mind

How will your life will be different when you create freedom from these thoughts?

How will you feel?

How will your relationship be enhanced?

What kind of things will you say to each other?

How much energy and vitality will you have?

How will your work be more enjoyable?

How will your free time be more enjoyable?

Write this out in as much detail as you can.

Email this in, along with your "most common thoughts" exercise.

Any time you notice a stressful thought, you can bring yourself back to a peaceful state in seconds.

Here's how.

Start by practising this for 10 minutes every day

5 minutes last thing at night, 5 minutes first thing in the morning.

Once this becomes natural, we'll move on to using it in everyday life.

including stressful situations (thoughts).

Don't forget your assignments

1) Common thoughts that cause you to feel stress and unhappiness.

2) What your life will look like when you have freedom from those thoughts.

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