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•My Study Plan:
oToday I am going to talk a little about My Study Plan.
oThe best studying resource starts with the notes.

My Study Plan

Published on Mar 31, 2016

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My Study Plan

Laura Waters
•My Study Plan:
oToday I am going to talk a little about My Study Plan.
oThe best studying resource starts with the notes.

Note Taking

  • Instructors talk fast, write fast.
  • Use key words rather than getting every word said or displayed.
  • Draw pictures/diagrams
•Note Taking:
oAs many of you have sat in a class before you know that Instructors talk fast and it seems like they are eager to push that next button quickly as well. It is almost impossible to write down everything they say and or everything they write on the slides.
oIn my experience you can never write fast enough no matter how hard you try or practice. Save yourself by writing key words or phrases. Also listen to the instructor more times than one they give hints to what might be on a quiz or test.
oPictures and diagrams are also good tools to use to help you to learn and remember facts, cycles, systems, and key ideas.
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Make a To Do List

  • Write all of the things due.
  • Put them in order of importance.
  • Draw a box at the beginning of the item.
•Make a To Do List:
oWhen you receive your assignments never assume you will just remember what to do and when. Be sure to write it down. When you sit down to work on your homework and study reorganize your assignments so that they are in order of importance, so which one is due first or the largest assignment, organize your to do list based on how you work.
oWhen making your to do list place a box at the front of your task so you can check your box when your finished to feel accomplished.
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Study with a Partner

  • Make a friend in your class to study together.
  • They will hear more than you or other parts.
  • The more the merrier!
•Study With a Partner:
oStudy partners are very good resources! They may have heard something that you missed or they understood something better and can explain the subject to you.
oThe more study partners you have the more you can learn and your friends can as well.


  • Make up questions to ask yourself and partner.
  • Make the questions meaningful.
oCreate questions from your notes and the textbook.
oMake sure that the notes are meaningful, to know how meaningful you have to think like an instructor, ask yourself would your instructor put this on a test?
oMany teachers focus on cognitive comprehension. Some teachers think factual and ask only questions based on facts and statistics.
oYour questions are based on your instructor and your learning styles.
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  • Make goals for yourself
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
oSet goals for yourself. Not just long-term goals, although those are important because you are studying for a bigger reason, but short-term goals as well. This can also go hand in hand with your to do list your list could be your short-term goals. Another goal could be I will get all of my science assignments done tonight as well as study for my upcoming Math test.

Thanks For Watching!

Get back to studying! Good Luck!
oThank you for taking the time to watch this! Don’t forget to get key words, make a list, find a friend, ask questions, and set goals for yourself. Now get back to studying and good luck in your classes!
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Laura Waters

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