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My Poetry Project

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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My Poetry Project

Matt Watkins
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Metaphor: "My family is the ocean around us."

'An Ocean Of Memories' By: Kimberly L. Briones

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I liked this metaphor because it symbolizes how our family is tightly connected and I feel that way with my family. Also because its really catchy and powerful.

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Simile: "Like a diamond in the sky.”

'Twinkle, Twinkle little star' By: Jane taylor
Photo by zAmb0ni

I liked this simile because its a classic lullaby and my parents used to sing it to me when I was a baby, so it brings back good memories.

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Personification: "The teapot sang as the water boiled"

'Dinnertime Chorus' By: Sharon Hendricks
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I liked this piece of personification because it reminds me of cozy winter nights at our house, when we make hot drinks and have a hot dinner.

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Hyperbole: "The wind gave him wings and the miles flew by"

'The Olympic Runner' By: Jacinta Ramayah
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I like this hyperbole because I enjoy watching all the events in the olympics in the summer and it's a really bold and well written hyperbole

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Poems by me

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Haiku: Touching Spirit Bear

Left on an island
Grey waves crash along a beach
Cold, hungry, and weak.

Photo by Scott Darbey

Diamante: Baseball Positions

Ground balls, double plays
Middle Infield, covers 2nd, covers 3rd
Fast hands, quick, covering big area, far throws
Diving, always moving, hitting cut offs
Fly balls, catching
Center FIeld

Photo by Joe Y Jiang

Limerick: A boy named Mack

There once was a boy named Mack

who slipped and fell on his back

when he went to school,

he looked like a fool

what a silly boy that Mack

Tanka: The Forest

Calm and mystical
Creatures lurk within the trees
Birds chirp peacefully
The flow of streams, quiet and smooth
Soft, moist dirt cushions your steps

Photo by Tatters ❀

The End

By: Matt W.