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My delivery drivers to sexy not to fuck(ch1)

Published on May 12, 2024

I feel so comfortable around him, so free to be open, and true to myself. Being single for so long writing stories of all my dirty fantasies, not knowing I was going to get to live them out with such a sexy man. I would watch so much porn and read so many sex stories while playing with my ex-boyfriend BOB (battery-operated boyfriend) letting all my nasty thoughts out on the keyboard. I don’t understand how I became such a dirty slut with no filters. It must have been when I discovered who I am and what I want and did not care about anyone’s opinion about it.

Every time he comes he just looks so sexy and smiles every time I giggle. I would always flirt, I loved making him laugh. I would put the boxes away so he could see me bend over. I loved hearing him out of breath from going back and forth to the truck. After talking I found out he has a layover right before my delivery. After a few weeks of flirting, I gave him my business card with my cell number on the back. He waited till the next day to text me. He said something like this is your delivery boy. I was laughing. We texted almost nonstop till the day before his layover. He was in a room close to the restaurant. I stopped by over there to see him, we didn’t do anything because I didn’t want to come off too easy. But it made things all the more fun when he delivered the order the next day.

During the next week, he stopped by my house one of the nights but we didn’t have sex. We kissed a little, but I thought it was more fun teasing. Because our text messages were getting nasty for sure. So the day of his layover he was at the same hotel and I stopped by again. And this time I knew it was going down. He kept making jokes saying he had a 3" penis. I almost started believing it…… Then the truth comes out when he pulls it out and I drop to my knees to take it in my mouth it was rock hard from the kissing and touching we were doing minutes before. After trying to put the whole thing in my mouth I pulled it out and said 3"s my ass this thing won't even fit in my mouth! I was very pleased with the way it felt, looked, and tasted, the size was so perfect! I would tell him all the time his cock was made for me!

After showing him some of my amazing dick-sucking skills he then tells me to get on the bed so he can give me his 3" cock. I giggled and quickly took my clothes off and hopped on the bed. OMG when he was inserting his cock inside me it felt so amazing I was so tight so it took a little longer but it was so worth it! He was the best sex I had ever had! I wanted more and more….

The next week came by so fast.... During the week we talked on the phone, sexted so much sent naughty pictures. It was so much fun. My employees at work could already tell something was up because I was glowing. little did they know I was probably horny as hell and wet sexting while at work.

It was a day earlier for my restaurant's food delivery when he came to deliver. He had been driving all night, so he got a room for his layover.

I was so happy to be with him, we got in the room and quickly took a shower together. He wanted me to wash his body. I enjoyed doing so, we fucked a little in the shower then hopped out. While we lay on the bed, he began giving me a back massage it felts so well, I had to give him one in return which he let. It felt so good rubbing his body down with coconut oil, rubbing my tits and wet pussy all over his oiled body. It felt so good sliding my naked tits across his back breathing on his ear.

We just got done exploring each other’s bodies finding new areas to please one another, as I lower myself to his cock and take it into my mouth.

He let me suck on him for a little while longer, before telling me to "Get up and ride my dick" I smile and suck on his dick for a couple more seconds before hopping up quickly to sit on him. He grabbed his cock and was rubbing it around my pussy. I was already so fucking wet I giggle telling him "Sorry I am so wet, but it is your fault daddy you made me this wet"

His cock finally finds my tight wet hole, he slowly started inserting it into me, so I slowly lowered my hips down onto him and it feels so amazing, I was so wet and tight that It slid in so smoothly. I then start moving my hips up and down his cock riding on his dick so good. He was grabbing my thighs so hard it made it so much easier to ride him, I love when he is rough with me, I just kept fucking his dick my juicy pussy was wrapped so tightly around his rock-hard dick. I could feel it in my guts he was so deep inside me. As I was riding it I found a rhythm that was feeling so good it made me so fucking wet we had to take a break because I was soaked I needed to wipe my pussy dry. Hehehehehe it’s not my fault my pussy enjoys him so much.

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