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My adven... my words

Published on Mar 06, 2024

The Inquisition had worn on all summer and after spending the last couple months of getting grilled about it on a near daily basis, I found out that he was having an affair of his own.

When I confronted him about it, he insisted that his affair was perfectly justified since I was already having one, and refused to believe that I hadn’t. Far from helping matters, if anything, confronting him about his own affair only seemed to have intensified his obsession with getting me to admit to an affair that had never happened; and as the interrogations wore on day after day, I got to thinking that if it was already a forgone conclusion that I was sleeping around, maybe I should just go ahead and do it.

It was about one o’clock one afternoon when the lead man came around telling us we were going home two hours early. At that moment, I happened to be standing by my work bench talking to one of my co-workers who made a comment that I could come over to his place for two hours and nobody would know. He was one of several guys I had fun flirting with during the day, and remarks like that weren’t at all uncommon. Nobody took it too seriously and any other time, I probably would have laughed him off; but this time, he happened to be in the right place at the right time. The frustration with the situation at home was reaching the breaking point; I’d had enough and at that moment, something snapped deep inside.

While Ritchie wouldn’t have been my first choice in a lover, he was recently divorced and neither of us has had a good romp for a while; plus the fact that he lived just a couple miles out of my way, which meant I could get in and out without arousing a lot of suspicion if I were seen along the way. If nothing else, this was my chance to work off some of the frustration while finally proving him wrong after years of being told over and over that I was fat and ugly and nobody else was ever going to want me. So ….  Why not?

Pushing my misgivings aside, I took a deep breath; watching as his eyes dropped to my swelling chest. "Ritchie, today is your lucky day. Meet me in the parking lot and I will follow you home."

After a brief discussion, we exchanged vehicle information and agreed that I would wait for him to drive by, and then follow him home so nobody would actually see us together after work.

I was very nervous as I walked out to the parking lot but at the same time, it was also very exciting; my panties were soaked and I hadn’t been so turned on in years. I soon found myself sitting in my car, waiting, with a thousand things going through my head. The raw excitement of what I was planning struggled against the guilt as I sat there wondering if I should (or could) really do this when I saw his car go by.

This was my moment …. Do I follow him home, as promised, or chicken out? Taking a deep breath, I made my decision and pulled out to follow him.

As we drove to his house, the struggle between guilt and excitement continued. This wasn’t the first time I’d thought about it after finding out about his affair, but I had always talked myself out of it before it got this far. As I debated on it, my thoughts kept going back to the advice a dear friend had given me on the subject when I reached the end of my rope a couple weeks earlier: "You can’t take it back once it’s done, so be sure it’s what you really want before you do it," he said. "But if you’re going to do it, hold nothing back. You won’t feel any less guilty if the sex really wasn’t all that great, so give yourself to your lover completely while you’re there, even if it‘s just for an hour. If you’re going to do it, don’t be afraid to enjoy it. Better to explore every pleasure the two of you can offer each other; then if you feel guilty about it, you‘ll at least have the memory of the wonderful time you had together."

When we reached his house, he pulled into the driveway while I parked in the street; then followed him into the house. I kicked off my shoes once we got inside, and as he turned to lock the door, I turned around and debated on what to do one last time as my trembling fingers found the front of my jeans.

‘This is my last chance to change my mind,’ I thought to myself. ‘If I do this, it will change everything. Do I really want to do this or not?’

My head swirled with guilt and frustration, but something had to give. I made up my mind and quickly pulled my jeans and my panties down around my ankles before I had a chance to chance to talk myself out of it again. I stripped off my pants and folded them up before putting them on the kitchen table and turned around to find him standing there watching me.

I froze like a deer transfixed in the headlights as the realization that it was really going to happen this time sank in. I didn’t know if he thought I was really serious about having sex with him, especially after joking around about it for so long; and I hadn’t been too sure myself; but as I stood there, nude from the waist down, we both knew that now there was no going back. This time, it was really going to happen.

As I remained rooted to that spot, my mind a blur, he moved over to me and taking me in his arms, he kissed me long and deep. My body trembled with excitement as I felt his hands first caressing my bare buns, and then sliding up under my shirt to unhook my bra. Breaking the kiss, he pulled my shirt up over my head; then paused for a moment with his hands gently massaging my shoulders as I bit my lip nervously as he contemplated the fact that he was about to remove my last piece of clothing, leaving me completely exposed and vulnerable.

"I’ve waited a long time for this moment," he said as he hooked his thumbs in the straps and slipped my bra down over my arms, depositing it on top of the pile of clothes on the kitchen table.

As he stepped back for a better look, I shivered a little at the thought that this was the first time in over 20 years that anybody, other than my husband, had seen me naked … much less standing naked in their kitchen.

"Patty, you’re even more beautiful than I had ever imagined."

I stiffened a little, passionate but unsure, as he cupped my full breasts in his hands; massaging my soft flesh; watching my nipples harden as he flicked his thumbs over them. Then passion began to win out as he began rolling my nipples between his thumb and fingers while gently pulling out at the same time. It was like he knew just what turned me on as he bent down to suck and lick my hard nipples, getting a deep moan of pleasure from me.

The passion grew stronger as our tongues once again intertwined and as I thought about Jamie’s advice once again, I surrendered to him completely, causing my doubts and fears to melt away, consumed in the rising flames as a fiery raw passion like I hadn’t felt in years overtook me.

I felt his hand move from my breast and begin sliding down to gently rub my clit.  In response, I moved my hand down to rub his hard cock through his pants, then dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. Having released his cock, I leaned forward to lick the swollen head before sliding my lips down his length, taking it as deep as I could into my mouth, tickling the bottom with my tongue as my lips slide up and down his shaft.

Groaning with pleasure, he says, "You keep that up, and I’m going to take you right here on the table."

After contemplating that possibility for a moment, I swirled my tongue around the head one last time before releasing his cock from my mouth. When I stood up, he took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom, where we lay naked together on the bed, kissing deeply and passionately as our hands explored each other’s bodies.

I trembled with pleasure as his hungry mouth moved down from my lips to my heaving breasts; and his fingers moved from my nipples to probe the intimate depths between my thighs. For the first time in months, I felt like a lover to be teased and enjoyed rather than a prisoner to be intimidated into submission. We both knew I was completely his for the taking, ready and willing to pleasure him in whatever way he wanted.

I pushed him over on his back and knelt beside him, gently stroking his cock and balls with my fingertips as he caressed my hanging breasts.

"Is there something you want, Ritchie?" I asked teasingly.

"You know what I want, Patty."

Mike had never performed oral on me; and knowing that Ritchie was as eager as I was, I started kissing my way down his chest turning myself around as I worked my way down until I was licking the head of his cock and his head was between my knees.

As I sucked his cock into my mouth, I shuddered with pleasure as he seized the invitation and I felt him lightly stroking my sensitive buns as his hot tongue began exploring my soft folds, driving me to the edge of an orgasm. I didn’t want to climax just yet, so when the sensation became so strong that I was losing control, I lifted up and turned back around with our heads together. Once again sharing a deep passionate kiss, I looked deep into his eyes and said, "Ritchie, I want you to make love to me right now. I need you inside of me"

He pushed me over on my back and I spread my legs wide as he moved over me. Trembling with anticipation, I gave him a long passionate kiss as I felt him positioning his manhood and begin pushing it deep into my soaking cunt. As he penetrated my deepest secrets, I felt a huge emotional release as a tidal wave of guilt, passion, and excitement combined with a new-found sense of freedom in a heady, intoxicating mixture. After months of debate, it was finally happening; I felt like I was a virgin all over again and I intended to enjoy it to the fullest.

He took it slowly at first, both of us taking time to savor the fact that it was really happening. I wrapped my legs around his body to pull him in deeper, moving to meet his long deep thrusts as I tightened my inner muscles down on his cock to make him feel especially welcome. As the excitement built, he started thrusting harder and deeper until he is slamming into me like a mad man, pounding me so hard my butt was bouncing off the bed with every thrust and all I could do was hold on for the ride.

As he continued pounding me mercilessly, I was completely overwhelmed by the flood of sensation and soon felt the first tingling of my impending orgasm building within me. The sensation became more and more intense and just as I was reaching the climax, he drove deep between my thighs and stopped; leaving me writhing helplessly around his motionless cock. I was teetering on the very edge of an orgasm, and so turned on I could barely breathe, let along speak, but managed to whisper, "Oh god, don’t stop now. I’m so close;" as I struggled in vain to get that last little bit of stimulation I needed to put me over the edge.

Ignoring my plea, he pulled out of me and slid down my body, where he turned his attention once again to my over-sensitive breasts. As he sucked and nibbled on my hard nipples, keeping me on that edge, he looked up at me, "I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours once more before I fill it up with my sperm."

Slowly kissing and nibbling his way down my quivering body until his head was once again between my thighs, his tongue began gently exploring my soft folds, sliding deep into the very core of my womanhood like a small flexible cock, then withdrawing to lick some more; all the while squeezing and rolling my nipples with his fingers. I moaned and squirmed with pleasure as the sensation intensified with him sliding a couple fingers deep inside, finding my G-spot while teasing my clit with his tongue. Soon, I was humping against his mouth as I began to come - shuddering over, and over, and over; crying out in pleasure as one of the most intense orgasms of my life washed over me. As the tremors continued, he stretched out beside me and held me tight until I was able to move again.

Wanting to return the favor, I rolled him over on his back and moved down between his legs where I started kissing and licking his cock, cupping his balls in my hand as I flicked my tongue over the tip, then alternated between licking up and down the length of his cock and sliding it deep into my sucking mouth. After several minutes of this treatment, his cock begins to swell in my mouth, and he tells me he’s about to come. Looking up at him, I asked, "Do you want me to swallow?"

Reaching down to take a breast in each hand, he pulled me towards him so I am straddling his body. Breathlessly, he answered, "I want you to ride it."

Leaning back a little to give him a good view, I lowered myself onto his throbbing pole; my breasts bouncing and swaying as I slowly rode up and down on his cock. He reached up to massage my breasts before deciding to take a more active role, pulling me forward to bring the soft, fleshy orbs to his mouth making me moan louder as he sucked and bit on my hard nipples while thrust his cock deep inside me. I was already so turned on that it didn’t take long before I felt my body start to stiffen and tremble, signaling the beginning of my orgasm. I sat up again and rode him harder as the sensation built to a shuddering crescendo.

As my orgasm overtook me, my contracting muscles sent him over the edge, his cock throbbing as it shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside me. Exhausted, I breathlessly collapsed on top of him, still filled with his cock, and laid there for a while enjoying the warm after-glow of the passion we had shared.

When we could move again, we slowly, reluctantly pulled apart and cuddled together for a while as we rested.

As I sat up on the bed, I turned to him, "I’m all sticky and sweaty, and I can’t go home smelling like sex, so I'm going to take a shower."  Then dropping my voice seductively, "You can join me, if you want."

Getting off the bed, he led me, naked, into the bathroom and started the shower. We got in together and stood there for a few minutes just letting the warm water pour over our sweaty bodies. Squirting a bit of liquid soap into my hand, I started to soap him up; paying special attention to his cock, which was beginning to come to life again. Once he was all soaped up, I turned around so he could soap up my back. I jumped a little as he squirted a line of cold soap across my shoulders, and then melted with the sensation as his hands glided down my back, over the soft curves of my hips, and down to my feet. As he worked his way back up my body, he slid his hands around to cup my soft breasts in his hands, pressing his hard cock against my butt as he did so.

Screaming playfully, I swatted his hands away, "Now, now, you can play with those in a minute," I scolded him. "Finish washing my back first." Little did he know that I had plans for him …..

Once he finished soaping up my shoulders and arms, I turned back around so he could wash my front. As he soaped up my breasts, I reached down to gently glide my fingertips up and down the length of his cock, which was now standing at rapt attention like a little soldier.

"Hmmm … Looks like somebody’s ready for a little more loving," I said, teasingly. "I have an idea. Soap up my boobs really good."

I continued gently stroking his cock while he squirted another cold stream of soap across the tops of my nipples, then started stroking and kneading my soft mounds like they were bread dough.

"You like playing with my boobs, Ritchie?" I asked, teasingly.

"Whatever makes you think that?" he responds, matching my tone, as he grips my nipples and pulls gently, getting a soft moan from me.

"Oh, I don’t know … Maybe the fact that you’re working them over like you’ve never seen a tit before…."

"Are you complaining?"

"Oh, not at all. Just be sure you soap them up real good, and I’ll show you something you’ll like even better."

"What’s that?"

"Oh, you’ll see…."

Once my breasts were completely coated with a thick white froth, I sank to my knees in front of him and began gently stroking his balls with my fingers while I licked up and down the sensitive trough on the bottom side of his cock. Moving to the top, I locked my lips over the head, swirling my tongue around the rim before letting my lips ride down to the base of his stiff manhood.

After riding my lips up and down the length a few times, I moved up a little so I could squeeze his cock in the slippery valley between my breasts, sliding them up and down over his hard shaft, to his obvious enjoyment. When his heavy breathing told me Vesuvius was about to erupt, I let my breasts fall away and slipped my lips over his cock, sliding up and down the shaft with long slow strokes as I fucked him with my mouth. When I felt his cock start to swell, I started sucking harder, making my desire clear; until he came with a loud groan, filling my mouth with his thick creamy seed. Now that both of us were satisfied, we finished our shower and dried each other off.

Returning to the kitchen, intending to get dressed, Ritchie reached past me and grabbed my bra from the pile of clothes on the table.

"No, Ritchie, you’re not keeping that as a souvenir. I’d look awfully suspicious coming home without a bra, don‘t you think?"

He looked at me, "Yeah, you’re probably right. At least put your top on last."

"Well, ok." So I got dressed while he watched; then gave him a big hug, letting him play with my bare breasts one last time before asking for my bra.

As I was ready to go home, he said, "After all the years of throwing little remarks back and forth, I never thought it would really happen."

"Me neither. Today was your lucky day. Mine too, really. After years of being threatened into submission, you showed me that I could find the strength to do something I wanted to; and, at least for the moment, not worry about what Mike was going to think. Thank you, Ritchie. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

All the way home, I was thinking about the pleasures we had just shared. I had just done something that had been, at best, a fantasy just a few hours earlier and yes, it was worth it. Would it happen again? Only time would tell....

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