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Muslim Virgin

Published on Feb 06, 2024

She is seeking an Arab male, dating a non-Arab is out of the question. She sees it as leaving her culture. A Muslim woman is extremely loyal as long as she believes the road to a permanent relationship is open. A man must show strength and alpha characteristics to a Muslim woman. The four Muslim women that live with me can never return to the Middle East. Muslim women feel shame at the thought of others knowing about her forbidden love, but not personal guilt. Consequently her focus will not be on reluctance to do but on reluctance to be seen to do. She will attempt to hide any contacts from her family and peers. If she is not a virgin she will claim to have only one previous partner who raped or coerced her. Muslim women are obsessed with evading awkward questions about relationship status from others and avoids situations in which such questions might come up. Islamic religious rules mandate that a woman give her husband sex at any time or in any manner he chooses. Muslim women live up to this in any sexual relationship. Sex with a Muslim woman is a very painful and very bloody experience for her. A Muslim woman that allows herself to be isolated or consents to any kind of public display then sex is a certainty. What others see and think makes privacy, secrecy and subtlety very important to Muslim women.

Celeste brought Marie to the estate, Marie is Celeste's friend. There is a knock and I open the door. I said, " Hi, there. I'm John." Marie smiled and said, " Nice to meet you." Marie's has an hour glass figure, she is a petite woman, a nice pair of breasts and a nice ass that is very attractive. Marie sitting on the couch squirming, she changed position several times and shifted her legs. Each time, the wraparound skirt parted and gave a tittlating view. She would adjust and close the part but taking her time. Finally, she lowers her left knee while she keeps her right knee stationary and the view is spectacular. Her crotch and the white silky panties, she wore, are clearly visible for several seconds and she appears oblivious. I can barely hide my erection. She stood, then bent at the waist when I said, " Let's go into another room." Her breasts visible and her nipples were clearly seen. I grab my cock and made a position adjustment.

Marie undressed and laid on her back, I couldn't take my eyes off her pink clit. I walk towards the bed and her eyes become wide. " John, please this is my first time." She seems to have been electrocuted when she feels her naked thighs. She looks me in the eye for a split second before trying to cover herself up. I notice her breasts are beautifully shaped B cup. I can't resist at this point. Her arousal has her outer vaginal lips swollen such that a furrow has formed for me to rest my cock. Marie nervously uses her hand to place my cock into that soft cushioned crevice. The touch of my monster penis is memorable for her, it is so big, so long, so thick and so hard. I lean down and suck her nipples which become erect between my lips and moving tongue. That area is extremely sensitive for her so it made her excitement mount quickly. She can't believe this is actually happening – the countless lonely nights she has spent masturbating while she imagined this happening. As she holds my head and shoves it further into her breasts, she knew this was real. She feels the bristles on my chin brushing harshly against her white soft, exposed flesh. She runs her fingers through my gray hair as I tended to each of her nipples in turn. She wanted to stop me, but this might be the right time for her. It would be a relief to get it out of the way. She feels no desire, no fascination, only a mild curiousity. " I'm not sure I'm ready for this," Marie said softly. I gave a deep sigh, " Have you even seen a man naked before?" " No." Marie responded quickly. She feels dirty, dirty laying there with her legs spread wide, as I pin her to the bed.

" You have great legs, Marie." I rasp. " I bet your pussy is very tight." Climbing over her supine body, I rose like a bull over her. " Oh God! Please...Please!" She screams as she beat on my chest. " You’re a fighter and I like that, but in the end, you will surrender to me as your religion mandates, you are going to get fucked." Her eyes watering with tears as she tries to relax. The heavy weight of my body over her, she can barely move. My skin feels incredibly hot on hers then she realizes that I'm grinding my iron hard massive cock into her belly. As her breath begins to fail, I shift my body, forcing my knees between her clenching thighs. She struggles to keep me from laying in between her legs, but the weight of my body is impossible for her to resist. Her legs parting under the stress as my knees drop between her thighs. With a satisfied growl, I pry her open using one hand to draw her knee up and away from my hip. I had her where I wanted. Her head is spinning as she drew in a ragged breath in. Her heart is racing in her chest and sweat covers her body. In that moment, while she is trying to clear her head, I guide my cock to the moist entrance to her womanhood. She knows she must surrender to me as many times as I want her and in any position I want.She has waited for twenty seven years, so she must now surrender to have me take her virginity and fill her up. I grab my cock and begin tapping it against her clit. Words cannot describe how much that turns her on. Tingling sensations traveling from her pussy to all over her body and she begins seeing stars and shaking. She can't take it any longer. She needed me in her now. As I prepare to penetrate her, she realized something crucial; she isn't on any contraception. Being a Muslim taking the birth control pill is not a common practice, she knew she wouldn't be with a man any time soon.

" Stop!" She yells. " I don't want to get pregnant!" But it is to late, she sees the animalistic look in my eyes and knew it was too late. Words would not reason with me but she had to escape. Despite how blindingly good it feels now, she knew she would regret it later. She begins to struggle in order to get away from me by digging her finger nails into me, but her petite body was no match against my huge frame. I put all my weight on top of her and pinned her between myself and the bed. It nearly pushed all the air out of her, she had no time to catch her breath before I mounted her and begin thrusting my cock into her. She tries to kick me off but her legs are spread on either side of me and are useless. My cock stretches the walls of her tight pussy and she feel every thrust inside of her. I reach up, my hand running through her soft hair, suddenly leaning down as my lips meet hers, kissing her deep. My other hand moves up, cupping her breasts, squeezing them. " John!" she exclaims, pushing my hand away. " Stop it." My hands are at her side, trapping her between me and the bed. " What? You know you like it. Why else would you be nude. "

Smiling as I move up along the sides of her waist, sliding my hands up to her breasts. " Mmm... yes it is..." My hands cup her breasts, squeezing them gently. " John! Stop!" she squirms, trying to get away from me. Pressing her against the bed as one hand continues to massage her breast, the other moving down along her leg, sliding under her, moving over her hot ass. " Oh god, stop..." she starts panicking. " John, please don't! I'm not sure I want to do this." Lifting her leg around mine, I kiss her again, hard and deep. I raise her exposed firm tits. " Mmmm... very nice Marie." Tears welling up in her eyes. " John! Stop it." " Mmm...You want this... that's why I need to do this, why I have to have you." I grope her hot ass. " John!!" she screams. " John, you can't do this!" I lean over her, whispering into her ear. " Why not?" I ask, my breath hot and moist against her neck. My hands move over the hot flesh of her tight ass. I press against her again. She feels my hard cock hot against her skin as it slides into her again, " No, no, no...John, please. Oh god, JOHN!!" Smiling as I kiss her neck, feeling her hot young body. " You're mine baby..." Without warning, I thrust my cock forward again, burying it hard into her tight virgin pussy. " OHHHHHH YESSSS!!!!" " NOOOO!!!" she screams in pain as my cock enters her again, tearing through her tight vaginal canal. Gripping your tight ass, my cock buries itself deep into her. " Ohhhh god yesss baby..." I press her body against the bed as I lean over her. " John... no..." she pleads, tears streaming down her face. I hold my cock deep inside her, allowing the pain to pass, I press against her. I reach around, gripping your pert young breasts, squeezing them, pulling them back to me as I press my body against hers.

After a moment, she stops whimpering. I slide out of her tight pussy slowly before plunging back into her deep. " Ohhhh yesss..." She groans as I enter her completely, feeling my cock fill her once again. The process continues as I slide out once more, only to thrust back up into her. Moving steady now, I start to fuck her faster. Her body responds on its own, her pussy grows wet, lubing my cock as I enter her again and again. " Ohhh god baby... that's it, you little slut..." I moan in pleasure as I cram my cock up inside her tight cunt, feeling it suck me in as it clenches my rod. I grope her tits in my hands, pulling on them as I continue to fuck Marie. With each powerful thrust, she feels my hard thick cock filling her. She closes her eyes, softly moaning as I plunge deep into her again. I smile as I see her reaction. " Yes, that's it, you little whore... you like that baby? My cock deep inside you...fucking you again and again...Ohhh yesss baby...take it deep." " Ohhhh...." She moans louder now, pressing back to meet my thrusts. " Ohhh...J-John." Gripping her ass, I slap it as I plunge my cock up inside her, stretching her pussy open as I enter her. " Ohhh yesss baby... feels sooo good... fucking my hot Egyptain girl..." " Yesss... more." she moans, moving back against my cock. " Ohhh god John...mmmm..." I continue violating her, fucking her as she loves every second of it. Feeling her pussy clamp around my cock, I start fucking her faster... over and over, driving it inside her. " Ohhh John, more... more... I feel it... ohhh god... f-fuck me!!!" She screams as I slam fully into her tight cunt.

" Ohhhh yesss baby... cum for me... feel it... yesss..." I encourage her, thrusting deep into her. " Ohhh yesss... I'm gonna cum too... cum deep inside my little slut... You want that, baby?" " Ohh yessss John... anything... don't stop.." She pleads, driving herself back onto my rod. " Beg for it Marie... beg for my cock... beg like the little slut I know you are, whore..." " Ohhh John... yess... fuck me..." She exclaims, begging for my cock. " Fuck your little slut... I'm your whore John... cum inside me!!" I ram my cock forward hard and deep as it explodes, shooting up inside her, unleashing my load. " AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!!" "Ohhh god JOHN!!" She screams as her body convulses, spasming as she orgasms, her tight pussy clamping down on my cock even tighter as I shoot up inside her. I continue pumping her tight pussy, filling her fertile womb with my hot sperm... cumming hard as I flood into her. "OHHH YESSSS YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! TAKE IT ALL YOU WHORE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH GOD... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." " Ohhhhhhh yesssss... John... more..." She pants as I shoot my load into her again and again. I continue to flood my sperm into her tight pussy. I want her to feel how powerful I am. I want to mark her as mine. I hear her moaning and grunting.

I will ride her all night, leave her cunt sore, and filled with my semen. She is mine and will serve my sexual needs like the other four Arab women do. " FUCK" I sigh collapsing onto her. Our sticky thighs merging. She lay moaning, trembling. I shifted and covered her sore wet pussy with the palm of my hand feeling it quiver. I feel her arch upward. Chuckling to myself, I knew what she needed. She will get it again. Will learn how to beg for it. She was raised for this. I pull her to me, my hand covering her trembling cunt. My cunt now. She will take morning after pill to prevent a pregnancy.

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