Moving Forward with SCC

Published on Jan 20, 2019

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Moving Forward with SCC

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

How SCC fits with PST role

  • focus on student learning
  • better planning
  • collaborative/non-threatening
  • student ownership
  • use of 'I can' statements
Photo by Egisto Sani

Challenges with the fit

  • time - with all other responsibilities
  • buy-in from teachers
  • goals given varied needs
  • documenting
  • co-teaching unfamiliar subjects
  • seen as expert/doer
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How SCC fits with PLC

  • 'I can statements'
  • figuring out specific interventions
  • not when topics are different
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Would like to learn more about

  • scheduling and time management
  • connecting cycles to PLC
  • engaging more teachers
  • using student evidence to plan