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Moro Conflict In The Philippines

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The Moro Conflict IN the Philippines


Moro conflict

In the Phillipines
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In 2003, when my family still lived in the Philippines, I was born, and my Mom wanted to show me to her family in the south, in the Davao area on the island of Mindanao. But there had been a bombing in Davao, so there was a lot of tension. While the rest of our family went to Davao, my Dad had to stay in Manila because he is white and would stand out and could be a target for kidnapping. This presentation explains the tension and why the bombing occurred.

The Moro people are groups of Muslims who live mostly in the Mindanao region of the southern Philippines

The group of islands now known as the Philippines were colonized by Spain beginning in 1521. They were named after the Spanish King Philip.

The Moro people did not like the idea of becoming a Spanish colony nor being part of the Philippines.

philippine independence

  • 1898 Revolution against Spain
  • America helps Philippines defeat Spain
  • America decides to make the Philippines a Colony of The US
  • July 4th 1946 Philippines finally given FULL independence

Some of the Moro people still want independence from the Philippines.

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From 1903 to the 1970s, the government gave out land in the south to Filipinos from other parts of the country. The Moro were upset that the government had taken away their land.

They formed groups like the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)
to fight for their independence

Research MNLF, and MILF. One slide each just like MLF.


  • founded by Nur Misuari in 1969
  • By mid 1970's the MNLF had 30 000 Fighters
  • The fighting was the worst between 1973-1975 - 50000 people died
  • signed peace agreement with the government in 1976
  • autonomy for Moro - but agreement broke in 1977

This is the MNLF Leader:
Nur Misuari

Moro islamic liberation front

  • Broke from MNLF in 1977
  • Leader:  Hashim Salamat

IN 2001, President Ms Arroyo saw many people displaced and killed, and
communities getting destroyed, but she was unable to fix these problems.

AirPort bombing

  • Who: MILF
  • When: 2003
  • Why: Terrorism against the Government 
  • Where: Davao Airport


  • Who: The MILF Fighters attacked Philippine army
  • When: January 2005
  • Why: Despite peace negotiations and a cease-fire agreement
  • Where: Maguindanao

Both sides are moving closer to the vision of a just and peaceful solution as outlined in the October 15 2012 Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro.

There was a Peace Agreement Made with Government Jan 24 2014,this agreement offers the promise of peace, security, etc

Although today many people still argue over this, almost all of the fighting has stopped.

Photo by Marcus Vegas

Now I might've been a little Bias in this... Because I am Filipino, But I was able to take accont of both sides

Thanks for listening

And I bid you all farewell -Daniel