Module 3 Designing Games

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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Module 3

Designing an Educational Game
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Must Have Goal

Goal = Cause; Knowledge, Skill, Attitude
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Don't Test Memory

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Use What You Learned

From articles, Twitter, playing games so far

Grade: Pre-Game

  • Blogpost #1: 3% (+1 bonus)
  • Play Twitter in class (3%)
  • Blogpost after Twitter (4%)
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Grp Grade: Actual Game

  • Google doc brainstorming (3%)
  • Blogpost n Feedback (4%)
  • Actual Game(3%)
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Grade: Final Reflection

  • Liquefy the Syllabus (blogpost/multimedia)
  • Making of the Game (blogpost/multimedia)
  • (half group does one, half group does other)
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Google Doc to Brainstorm

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