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Mission Report

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Mission Report

What you need to get the best grade

Mission Introduction

  • 1st sentence should grab reader's attention
  • Tell location, who founded it, when it was founded, who it helped
  • Introduce next section (Spanish rule)
  • Include a neat, hand-drawn picture.

Spanish Rule: Founding-1820

  • Early mission history: what happened? Any disasters at this time?
  • Who lived and worked at this mission?
  • What was life like for the missionaries? For the Indians?
  • Introduce next section (Mexican rule)
  • Include a neat, hand-drawn picture.

Mexican Rule: 1820-1846

  • What happened at this time? Any disasters or rebellions?
  • Were things better or worse when Mexico became independent of Spain?
  • Include your hand-drawn multi-flow map from class in the back.
  • Introduce next section (American rule)
  • Include a neat, hand-drawn picture.

American Rule: 1847-present

  • The U.S. gave the missions back to the Catholic Church. What shape was your mission in?
  • What work went into rebuilding your mission? Give important details.
  • Include a neat, hand-drawn picture.

Opinion Essay

  • Who would you have rather been during the mission period: a CA Indian, a missionary, or a soldier?
  • Write a multi-paragraph essay detailing who you would choose to be.
  • What would be the benefits? What would be problems you'd face?
  • Give 3 reasons from your research to support your thinking.

CA Map

  • Neatly draw and color a map of CA showing where your mission is located.


  • Include all class notes and thinking maps we completed in class. (Simply staple in or place in back pocket.)


  • Cite all resources used for research: where did you get the info from? Be specific.
  • Use the bibliography format given to you in class.

Remember: This report should be in your own words, NOT copied from anywhere. (That's against the law.)