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Mindfulness Meaning & 8 Principles

ByShalini Bahl |7745 views |Education,Inspiration,Travel and Lifestyle

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Presentation Outline

  1. 1. mindfulness

    Meaning and 8 Guiding Principles

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  2. 2. mindfulness is being

    • Present 
    • Curious
    • and Compassionate

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  3. 3. Patience

    Allowing things to unfold in their own time

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  4. 4. non judgment

    recognizing your judgments frees you from unconscious decisions

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  5. 5. non striving

    expectations take you away from the present

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  6. 6. acceptance

    you cannot change what you dont accept

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  7. 7. beginners mind

    childlike curiosity opens new possibilities

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  8. 8.    trust   

    you know more than you think you do

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  9. 9. letting go

    letting go of attachments brings freedom

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  10. 10. gratitude

    gratitude increases your capacity to recieve

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  11. 11. creating a mindful universe

    one small act at a time

  12. 12. Join us

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