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Metro 2033

Published on Mar 31, 2016

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Metro 2033

by Landon Aneshansley

In the world of Metro 2033 the cold war has gone on until 2013

Photo by CassAnaya

In 2013 nukes were launched in all major cities

Artyom Sukhoi was a young boy in Moscow when the nukes went off

Photo by martinak15

The people of Moscow took shelter in the Metro

Photo by Nick Kenrick.

After the central government fell:

  • Stations turned into their own city-states
  • Stations formed their own ideologies
  • Stations formed armies and waged war
  • Stations banded together and formed "nations"

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Notable Factions and ideologies

  • Fourth Reich- rid the metro of mutants
  • Red Line- unite the metro under Communism
  • Hansa- trading democracy
Photo by Matt. Create.

Life on the surface continued to evolve. A physic species, called Dark Ones, is now the dominant species

Artyom lived in VDNKh and accidentally gave the Dark Ones access to the Metro

Photo by i k o

He then receives a mission from Hunter, a soldier, to go to the center of the metro and warn the rest of the metro

Artyom has to travel through over half of the metro to reach his destination

Photo by Iron Horse.

Once Artyom reaches his destination, his request for aid is rejected

Artyom is contacted by an organization called "Sparta" and they offer to help

Photo by TrinitroX

Sparta offers to escort him to a missile site and help launch missiles at the Dark Ones

With the help of Sparta Artyom reaches the site and launches the missiles