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May 27th Eastleigh Tec Hub

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Just so you know where I'm coming from...
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Doesn't mean we're in the Matrix


... Or the social network


We've never broken into the pentagon
Photo by chucka_nc


... Or anywhere
Photo by dustball


Is about learning new things
Photo by pmdye


Is about being social
Photo by pmdye


Is about nurturing your inner creative
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is ultimately about playing
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The Internet

Of Things
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The Triangle

Photo by Viktor Hertz

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Your Space

(Like, your home/Workplace)
Photo by marcp_dmoz

A Smart Frying Pan

A smart toothbrush

A Smart Jar

A smart kettle

smart socks!?

a Smart Cushion

All the things you own now, but with a chip in them

Photo by net_efekt

Other Space

(Like, your city/Town
Photo by ecstaticist


Photo by LoKan Sardari

The Physical Web

Photo by ny156uk

body modifications

Photo by Anomalily


(Like, your girlfriend and that sport you like)
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Photo by williamcromar

Internet Intimacy

Photo by JD Hancock

The "Physical" side of the Physical Web

Photo by Justin Liew

I want in!

What's next?

The App Problem

Wireless Electricity

Photo by dak1b2006

What can I do now?

Photo by i k o

Home Automation

Photo by jonasflanken


Photo by skycaptaintwo


Photo by eggrole


Or start turning yourself into a cyborg...

Power to the people

Photo by Leo Reynolds

It's Playtime

The End

Photo by djniks