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Marketing your library presentation

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Marketing Your Library Presentation


Marketing Your Library

Elissa Malespina @elissamalespina


Build Your PLN & Also Reach Parents, Students and Administration
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Have a Library Twitter Account & A Personal Twitter Account

Have a Library Twitter Account & A Personal Twitter Account

opening up the doors to your library

Poetry Summit

Organized and Publicized via Twitter

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Where the kids are

let students be in the know

CURATE ideas



sharing your journey

24/7 Access to Library

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Where students go for Info!

Make a Google Classroom


Great way to reach everyone! 

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SMORE Newsletters

great communication tool

Contact your local media

Let Them know the good things you are doing

Weekly Snapshots using Thinglink

Year End Reports

Rethink it - Get Creative

Put your calendar online

This lets everone see what you do on a daily basis

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Library in Your Pocket

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Book Tree

Parsippany High School 

Book Menorah

Parsippany High School 

Book Art

Chalkboard Paint

can also use whiteboard paint to create interactive area

Inspirational Quotes

Blind Date a Book

Library comes to Cafe

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"If we do not tell our story, someone else will. Unfortunately, more often than not, the story that is told about our schools is negative & ignores many of the great things happening within & beyond the walls". - Eric Sheninger -Digital Leadership

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