Marketing Questions for real estate agents

Published on Nov 18, 2015

After you choose a real estate agent to sell your home, there are many follow up questions and items which to answer that will offer better exposure for your real estate listing. Just make sure your agent is asking the questions or that they know the answers to the information relayed in our latest Haiku Deck from the REMAX of Valencia CA Team. Thanks for watching and we will speak with you soon.


marketing Questions

to ask and answer after you Hire a Realtor


Who is moving in and out of your neighborhood?

Main Attraction

What is the main attraction of your neighborhood
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Attractions include

  • Schools or Parks?
  • Convient shopping areas?
  • How close to freeways or transit centers?
  • Size or home and list price?
  • How does your home compare with others?
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Target buyer

Who does your home appeal to most?
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Newer home

Focus on the following selling features

ample storage

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Larger closets

energy efficiency

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newer construction

newer school district

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open floor plan

any upgrades?

Older home?

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selling features

  • A well established location
  • Great architectural details and character 
  • Mature trees and large lot size
  • Upgrades, renovations and improvements
  • Traits of your home uncommon in newer ones
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condo or townhome

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Buyers will be looking for

  • Low maintenance and "accounted" for monthly fees
  • Proximity to transit and freeways
  • Proximity to night life, entertainment, gym and shopping
  • Updated decor
  • Building Security and Location Advantages
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top realtors advertise

  • Built multiple channels for greatest exposure
  • Your realtor shows up where buyers search
  • They know where buyers are looking for homes
  • YouTube, Radio Shows, Podcasts and more
  • Social Media, agent sphere and P2P (person to person)

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