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Marketing Plan

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Marketing Plan

DAN ZHANG, King Crawfish Company, 2015
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Marketing Plan

  • Business Overview
  • Current Marketing Situations
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Objectives and issues
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Programs
  • Financial Plan

Business Overview

King Crawfish Company

King Crawfish Company
Louisiana State
Jason King Jr.

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business principal

  • Quality, Service, and Price
  • Efforts&Insistence
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  • Crawfish (Live&Boiled&tails), Seafood (Blue Crab, Gulf fish, Oyster, shrimp), Alligator and turtle, Spices/Seasonings, Cooking Supplies, Party Supplies, etc.
  • FedEx Overnight shipping, Southeast Airline Cargo
  • Lines for answering any questions even including how to cook Cajun boiled crawfish.
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Current Marketing Situations

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Current Marketing Situations

  • 30 year-old family owned Crawfish Company
  • No.1 shipper of fresh boiled crawfish and live crawfish nationwide

Current Customers

Current Customers (National)


  • Crawfish Co., Louisiana
  • Crawfish Company of Central Florida, Inc., Florida
  • Focus on local retailers, wholesalers and nearby city customers. They have customers in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.


  • Provide FedEx shipping, fast delivery.
  • Have similar products with us, like crawfish (fresh and boiled), blue crab, Louisiana food, seafood, etc.
  • Hold events and parties for local communities.
  • Run a farm-based restaurant like we do.
  • Have annual crawfish event for local people.


  • Not provide air cargo pickup service.
  • Not ship fresh boiled crawfish overnight direct to customers’ doors.
  • Not sell party size fresh boiled crawfish or party package of boiling crawfish like we do.


&Activity Sheet


  • Fresh (live or boiled) crawfish with great Cajun taste, be loved by local and national customers;
  • Wide range products meet customers’ needs;
  • Fast delivery service (FedEx overnight shipping and Southeast air cargo);


  • Only one product is widely known, other products not as good as crawfish;
  • Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest account not so many followers like Facebook account;
  • When in Louisiana, our brand is considered same as other brands;
  • When in Louisiana, our brand is considered same as other brands;


  • Social media is popular and people can get to know us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest;
  • Our brand already has influence on local and nearby cities, and a amount of customers from other states are loyal customers who like to give us feedback.


  • Our competitor are also competing national market;
  • Imports from China competing native market;


  • Develop “All Natural Crawfish”, advertise other products
  • Hold some events to interest people of anticipating and win free gifts, earn more future customers
  • Hold annually event to differentiate our brand, use unique logo on everything on the farm to give customers deep impression when they come to the farm
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Take advantage of fast shipping to ship over one million crawfish (live or fresh boiled).
Become more well-known in the nationwide.
Take good advantage of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to win more customers.

Target Market

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National crawfish market, including crawfish farms, university laboratories, restaurants, wholesalers, normal customers, crawfish lovers and educational department, etc.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Stratigies

  • Hold national crawfish boil event annually. Unlimited Cajun boiled crawfish to eat. Different tickets levels. Free gift bag with a brochure and some small memorial gifts. VIP tickets have privileges and more gifts.
  • Facebook event=interaction
  • National contest for eating crawfish
  • Develop “All Natural Crawfish”.

Marketing Programs

1. Annually crawfish boiling event:

  • Farm raised fresh live crawfish
  • Cajun seasonings
  • Social media, posters, etc.
  • Fridge magnets (with logo on it or a crawfish shaped one), pencil sharpeners, ball pens, pencils, clips, plastic cups, etc.
  • T-shirts&recipe books

2.Facebook event

  • Post the topic each week to give the customers ideals for creating their own party photos.
  • Winner of each week-free 10 lbs fresh boiled crawfish
  • Winner of each month-free 20 lbs fresh boiled crawfish

3. national contest

  • Local media
  • Preselection in each city (biggest city of state)
  • Finale held in our farm
  • State winner-$1,000
  • National Champion-$10,000

4. All natural crawfish

  • Raised in pond planted with natural vegetation other than normal rice pond.

Financial Plan

1. Crawfish boiling event, $38,500

1. Crawfish boiling event, $19,000

2.Facebook Event, $3,120

3.National Contest, $190,000

3.National Contest, $10,000

4.All natural Crawfish, $5,400