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Market Like It's 1999...2016

So many brands are stuck in old marketing tactics. Let's Go Crazy and market like it's 2016.


Market Like It's 2016

Let's Go Crazy! Let's Get Nuts!
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About Me

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Things We Can Learn

We Can All Be Social Stars

Let's Go Crazy

By Knowing Our Consumers

Who's At First Ave?

  • Know your exact customer
  • Figure out their passions points
  • Become their BEST friend and give them what they WANT

Audience Tools

  • Mention.com - Social Alerts based on Keywords
  • Facebook Groups - Un-tapped resource
  • Events and Meetup Groups - Go offline and talk to people and build relationships

Take Me With U

and Focus on Your Strengths

You Can't Appeal to Everyone

  • Focus on the key problem that your product solves
  • Develop a customer persona and appeal directly to that persona
  • Create content that will draw in your audience and convert them into buyers

Tools for Finding Your Audience

  • SWOT Analysis - pinpoint your key benefit
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights

The Beautiful Ones

Keep an Eye on their Competition

Here's Two Tickets to the Show

  • Who are your main competitors (and don't say you don't have any)
  • Monitor what your competitors are doing online and offline
  • Learn from what the are doing well and what they are failing at in order to win

Monitoring Your Competition

  • InfintiGraph - Trending topics in your industry
  • Google Alerts - News/PR about your competition
  • Open Site Explorer - See what sites are linking to your competitions site

Computer Blue


"Nobody digs your music but yourself"

  • Data is your best friend, use it!
  • See who is buying your product and what data are they willing to share
  • Use the data to create a sales funnel with a focus on conversion

Measurement Tools

  • Custom Pixel Tracking on check-out pages for Facebook and Twitter
  • Google Analytics
  • 3D Cart/Shopify analytics

Darling Nikki

Listened to Her Audience

Use Social Listening for Consumer Insights

  • Conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help you uncover ways to best serve your customers
  • Pull insights from the social chatter and talk one-on-one with your consumer for more insights
  • ACT on the insights and make changes. This is the REAL-TIME, REAL WORLD

Social Listening

  • Hootsuite - Setup keywords or hashtags and monitor the conversation closely and respond
  • Klout - Monitor top voices in your niche
  • Sysomos - Monitor trends based on conversation and key topics important to your brand

When Doves Cry



  • Try something new! If it fails, don't do it again
  • A/B Test offers, copy, and different images and order to see what gets your audience engaged and converted into buyers
  • Try Video, audio, infographics, and see what sticks

Try These Experiments

  • Guest blogging
  • Twitter chats
  • Contest with similar brands

I Would Die 4 U

If You Had a Marketing Budget

Facebook Ads

  • Have a BUDGET
  • Social media isn't free. Spend some money and test landing pages, ad copy, and images against your buying audience
  • Use Facebooks Power Editor and Custom Audience tools to create lookalike audiences

Tools for Facebook Ads

  • JonLoomer.com - Facebook Ads expert
  • Ask @MrMikeStreet
  • Take $100 and test ads against your target demographic; Scale up monthly until you have a converting sales funnel

Baby I'm a Star

Cause I had REAL Business Goals

Key Performance Indicators

  • Sit with your team and map out 2-3 key goals and objectives that you want to accomplish
  • Do only things that will help you hit your numbers/goals
  • Monitor, re-evaluate, revise, and keep going

Real Business Goals = $$$

  • Set dollar amounts to your goals (Ex : Increase sales by 10%)
  • Track it
  • It's NOT that Hard. That ain't Lake Minnetonka.


Twitter - @MrMikeStreet