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Magic Leap

Published on Nov 20, 2015

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Magic Leap

Google's Glimpse into the Future

Google Leads the Way

  • $542 Million Investment
  • Magic Leap
  • Start-up Company

What is Magic Leap?

  • Computing should be shaped to work for us
  • Biology, physiology, creativity, and community
  • Physics and processes of visual and sensory perception
  • Technology removes us from the real world
  • Combination of digital and natural world

The Technology Itself

  • "Eyeglasses-like" device
  • Developed a dynamic digitized light field signal 
  • Respects natural human functionality and tricks the mind
  • Makes use of hardware, software, sensors, and core processors

Dominating the Competition

  • Sony's 3-D goggles and Google Glasses
  • Stereoscopic imaging 
  • Puts the 3-D object on our natural plain
  • Plans to add sense of touch

Implications and Goals

  • Rony Abovitz - Chief Executive
  • Interface to replace modern technology
  • Movies and video games
  • Patient and doctor interactions and communication
  • Thomas Tull - head of legendary pictures


"It's so bad-ass you can't believe it. It's one of the few things I've ever experienced in my life, where I came out and said, 'This changes everything.'"

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Discussion Questions

Why do you think Google would lead such a large investment in a start-up company?

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Discussion Questions Continued

Are there any negative side effects that could come from this innovation? If so what?

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