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MAD Digital Challenge

Published on Apr 10, 2017

Presentation for Jisc Change Agent Network CANagogy event at the University of Exeter on 20 April 2017

The EFC MAD Digital Challenge objective was to engage learners in proposing new ways of learning, teaching and assessing and improving learner experience cross college through technology. The project was launched during entrepreneurial week November 16th and 33 students proposed a total of 20 ideas. These raised 890 votes of which 508 were valid. The ideas went through two selection processes: minimum number of votes and a panel with selection criteria. The 5 shortlisted ideas were invited to present at a Dragon’s Den event on January 25th. Our Dragons included two industry professionals, our Principal and a member of Jisc. A proposal has been awarded £2000 to see it to life and is currently being developed until end of July 2017.

Find out more at #MADdigitalEFC


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Medium FE - 1700 Learners - Vocational /AL / High Needs
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How did we get started?

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  • National call from Jisc last February 2016 - No one from EFC applied ​
  • FE learners disadvantaged? ​
  • Decided to run the project internally - Project steering group set up October 16​
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Desired outcomes

Improved learner experience

Digital literacy & capability

Employability & skills development

Learner driven change & Culture shift

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What did we do?

Dragons' Den
Platform Development

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DEveloping the idea

  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Team work - Coaching
  • Applying

Selling it to others

  • Conflict: Time consuming / UCAS /Course
  • Strategies to gain 25 votes
  • Networking
  • Marketing skills
  • Misleading Invalid votes
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Dragons' Den

25 January
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Steering group team

Marketing inc #s & Event capture

Guidance, support & training

Ring fenced Budget


Site registration & Back end administration

Clearly communicated selection processes
Do not rush the voting process!

Intellectual property & similar proposals

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More Info?

Any questions?

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