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Macbeth Presentation

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Macbeth Act 5 Scenes 1,2 and 3



Act 5 Scene 1,2 and 3
Photo by Arbron

Act 5 Scene 1

  • Lady Macbeth walks around in a trance with a candle, bemoaning the murders of Lady Macduff and Banquo
  •  she seems to see blood on her hands and claims that nothing will ever wash it off. 
  • "What, will these hands ne'er be clean?" she rubs at her hands
  • The Doctor realizes what she is saying, "go to, go to. You have known what you should not."
  • She leaves, and the doctor and gentlewoman marvel at her descent into madness.

Act 5 Scene 2

  • Outside the castle, Scottish lords discuss the military situation
  • The English Army,  led by Malcom will meet with the Scottish near Birnam Wood
  • The English Army and Scottish Rebels lust for revenge 
  • "Revenges burn in them, for their dear causes Would to the bleeding and the grim alarm Excite the mortified man."
  • Macbeth has fortified Dunsinane Castle and is making his military preparations in a mad rage.

Act 5 Scene 3

  • Macbeth strides into the hall of Dunsinane with the doctor and his attendants
  • Macbeth is proud and fearless since “none of woman born” can harm him 
  • His servant "Seyton" confirms the army of 10,000 is near
  • The doctor tells Macbeth that his wife is not ill but haunted from “thick-coming fancies” 
  • Macbeth orders him to cure her of her delusions