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Lucas Fontanella

Published on Mar 01, 2016

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Lucas Fontanella

A curious innovator


Lucas was born to once wealthy Italian parents

Family Tragedy

The Fontanellas' uninsured boot factory caught on fire.

Chapter 2

A Day in the Life of Lucas Fontanella

Waking Up

And enjoying a cup of tea while observing the garden from the Revive Zone

Morning Walk

Around the garden seven times for good luck


In the Fluid Zone including a large dose of potatoes, believed by Fontanella to increase lifespan

Daily Swim

Seven times around the pool for fitness and luck

Cleansing Time

Includes a shower in the Revive Zone while listening to his favorite Jazz music

Break Time

Spending free time in the Engage Zone watching his favorite soccer team, Torino


Consists of concentration and design in the Zen Zone


In the Fluid Zone, consisting of his favorite Mediterranean dishes

Relax Time

In the Zen Zone, usually reading a novel or Raising a Chihuahua for Dummies


In the Revive Zone, viewing the garden