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Haiku by Chris Gordon.



Published at Nov 20, 2015
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thick hailstones in April I keep swallowing my tail

Haiku by Chris Gordon.


the newest leaves red like skin numbers and mummery

all these lights they're humming uncomfortable in every position

no continuous skyline the relentless efficacy of breasts

behind the buildings the lake obscured by fog downstairs they fight

balled up in the shower her wet dress the soughing darkness

wood smoke in the warm afternoon a deaf woman talks to herself

whispers in another language the intermittent rumble of the elevator

a door tied down to the top of a car the stink of cut grass

not much to say about the rain there's a helicopter

The Martian Chronicles read over the phone unsteady hand jobs

too windy for a hat sheets of newspaper slap the chain-link fence

dream hungry the call of a crow on the telephone pole

saxophone practice upstairs the machine fills with water

in the brief blue flash of the train's light on the tunnel wall Abhor

slowing down you can smell yourself

Lost & Found Times No. 41 November 1998

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