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local hero

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Local Google+ profile is essential for small businesses. Get on board, ask a local SEO for help and advice (finding someone in your area, that knows the locality and that can visit your business, is very important, in my opinion). If you want to give local SEO a try yourself our local seo checklist probably isn't a bad place to start. http://bit.ly/1dqy4w9


local hero

small business edition
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Online search

is becoming more local

Your business

operates locally
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Google+ local

The super hero for your business

steps to success

Google+ Local
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step 1

Sign in to or create a Google+ account
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step 2

Click pages, under home on the left

step 3

Click the Create a page button, in the upper right

STep 4

Select the Local Business category

Step 5

Enter the name or address of your business
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STep 6

select your business if it appears in the drop-down menu
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Step 7a

Select your business and click submit

Step 7b

If your business isn't listed, click No, "these are not my businesses"
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step 8

Enter your business details
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all of them

or as much as possible
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Business category

must, must, must, must be correct


Name, address phone number

SHould be the same as your website

and any other listings you have online
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Opening hours

are important for your customers
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images speak louder

than words - add pictures

so why do it

after all it is extra work and
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another hat

for small business owners to wear
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Google+ local

Feeds into local search results
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ever wanted a 7-pack?

How about settling for being in one?
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Local search results


The easiest way

to the front page of search results
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so what

fair question
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82% of consumers

Prefer Search Engines over other Marketing Listings
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got your interest

get in touch with a Local SEO Specialist in your area
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