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Listening to Voices - FULL PRESENTATION

Published on Nov 20, 2015

These are the slides from #DLTV2014 presentation by Aaron Davis and Steve Brophy


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Communicating and collaborating online

I am not sure of the exact moment of our meeting, but I know it was online. The Ed Tech Crew ran a Hangout at the end of last year focusing on the question: what advice would you give a new teacher just appointed as an ICT coordinator? I put down my thoughts in a post, Steve commented and wrote a response of his own. The rest is history.

Since then we have connected online - sometimes on Twitter, other times in the margins, sometimes even within blog posts themselves, via a few emails - growing the connection each step along the way. For example, Steve set me the 11 question blog challenge, which he had already taken the time to complete himself. I was lucky enough to meet Steve face-to-face when we both presented at Teachmeet at the Pub in February. What a enjoyed about connecting with Steve was that although we teach in different sectors on different sides of the track, we shared an undeniable passion - student learning and how technology can support this.

What is interesting about our bond is that we have only meet once in real life. The rest of our connections and conversations have been online. A passing comment here, an email there, collaborating via a Google Doc, building using OneNote. It has slowly all come together.

"Technology lowers barriers, making the kinds of higher order learning experiences that matter infinitely more doable"
Bill Ferriter

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Technology makes listening to voices more 'doable'

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Learning is made up of different voices

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Students collaborating with other students

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  • Create a real-time collaborative whiteboard
  • Broadcast about an interest or passion
  • Collaborate on a project
  • Engage with the thoughts and ideas of others
  • Connect and communicate with other students
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CASE STUDY: Empowering young people with technology through Digital Leaders

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Students and teachers in dialogue about learning

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  • Providing two-way feedback
  • Gathering feedback data
  • Reflecting on lessons
  • Sharing planning and processes
  • Brainstorming ideas as a class
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CASE STUDY: Provoking thinking, giving voice to all and developing feedback and further discussion using Verso

Connecting with lifelong learning

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  • Use hashtags to connect communities
  • Collaboratively bookmark links and ideas
  • Conduct your own conference
  • Sharing planning and processes
  • Critically engage in chats
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Creating spaces to network online using Google+

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Breakout - How are you listening to voices in and out of the classroom?

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